10 Things to Consider Before Vaping CBD Oil

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Vaping CBD oil is a widespread practice among patients and CBD users. However, with the recent outbreak of vaping related injuries, people need to consider a variety of factors before deciding on the type of the vaping product to buy.

1. What is CBD and CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be found in cannabis or hemp. It is the non-psychoactive compound of marijuana. Besides, it is known for its healing effects, which has made it popular among patients. CBD is used in managing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, epilepsy, inflammation, and pain. CBD can be used in making products such as edibles, vape juice, Capsules, CBD oil tincture, and salves.

CBD was traditionally used as oral tinctures and was also referred to as hemp oil. However, CBD oil extracted using coconut oil is not suitable for inhaling as it can result in severe health problems such as Lipoid pneumonia. CBD oil for vaping does not contain any actual oil. An appropriate name for vaping CBD oil is CBD distillate.

CBD oil for vaping is made using food-grade ingredients, which makes it ideal for inhaling. When purchasing, take a closer look at the elements if they contain anything other than cannabinoids, terpenes, CBD extract, steer clear. Vaping oil labels should talk about vaping, e-liquid, or vape juice.

CBD cartridges are used in vaping CBD oils and are filled with CBD e-juice or pure CBD distillates.

2. Dosage

Unfortunately, just like any other alternative medicine, there is not a single dose for everyone. The dosage for each person depends on several factors, such as the reason for taking, the body’s weight, and tolerance. Besides, the metabolism and endocannabinoid system differ from one person to another, and the results are unique with each person. Therefore, before purchasing and vaping CBD oil, make sure you know the proper dosage to consume. Experts recommended people to start with small doses and adjust after seeing how your body reacts. You can also determine your dosage by consulting with your doctor or checking guides which are available online.

3. Benefits

When CBD interacts with the body’s metabolism and the endocannabinoid system, it assists in managing some of the body processes such as appetite, memory, pain, and sleep. Vaping CBD oil also helps in treating chronic pain and inflammation as it controls the receptors to minimize discomfort and halts the production of inflammatory components.

Vaping CBD oil also helps people manage anxiety, stress, and depression as it contains therapeutic components. Cannabidiol also helps in treating insomnia as well as improving heart health. Compared to prescription medication, you do not experience any adverse side effects from using CBD oil.

4. Adverse Effects

Although there is not much research covering the side effects of CBD, a comprehensive study carried out last year showed that CBD causes mild drowsiness, which is most commonly associated with newbies and reduce with regular usage. Consumption of higher doses of CBD oil results in sleepiness, while low to medium doses do not cause any drowsiness. Other side effects that were observed among the subjects include hunger, dry eyes and mouth, and euphoria. The side effects of vaping CBD are less pronounced than those of prescription medication.

5. Psychoactive Effects

CBD oils are a non-psychoactive compound of marijuana and do not give you a high feeling since the THC content in CBD is close to zero as it is 0.3%. If you are looking to get high from vaping CBD, then you are in for a disappointment. CBD can be used to level you out when you are too high after consuming THC. Lack of chemical compounds that induce the high feeling makes CBD a better option for treating various medical conditions.

6. Legalities of vaping CBD Oil

Production of hemp was legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill in the U.S. This means that the federal government cannot prohibit CBD oil made from hemp since most of the states in the U.S. are adopting the crop. However, in some states such as Nebraska, Idaho, and North Dakota, hemp is still categorized with other illegal marijuana products. A doctor’s prescription is needed to obtain CBD in states where hemp is not legal. In states where marijuana is legal, people can purchase CBD with a percentage of more than 0.3% without a prescription.

The Hemp Farming Act removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, thus eliminating the DEAs authority over the crop. This makes hemp a hot commodity and favorite treatment option for many patients. Marijuana and THC are illegal in some states in America, but some states have restricted it for use to registered medical marijuana patients only.

7. CBD Oil Overdose

In 2016, at a medical marijuana conference, the Americans for Safe Access said that there is no record of human fatality, which can be attributed to marijuana overdose or its compounds. This is because the toxicity levels in CBD are very low, and it is implausible that a person can consume enough CBD to induce severe consequences.

8. Trustworthy CBD Brands

With the recent vaping related illnesses, it is crucial for people looking to buy cannabidiol oil for vaping take caution by buying from reputable brands and take a closer look at the quantity of CBD. There have been reports saying that some vaping equipment contained synthetic chemicals and contaminants, which can result in severe effects. Fortunately, there are very many CBD brands in the market to choose from, and most of the have stringent quality control measures.

Ensure that you are getting your cannabidiol from a reputable brand that has a ton of helpful customer and professional reviews. These brands are also known to follow ISO standards in testing their products, and the results are usually made public or are presented upon request.

9. Importance of lab tests

Companies conduct lab tests on the CBD compound to confirm the levels of THC, residual solvents, and absence of contaminants. Always ensure that the lab tests are up-to-date and from a credible laboratory. When reading the lab reports, do not be intimidated by the data focus on the CBD and THC content, which are easy to identify because they are written in bold letters. THC is referred to as “Max Active THC,” and CBD is referred to as “Max Active CBD” and is presented as “mg per mL” or “mg per bottle” used in calculating cannabidiol dosages.

10. Is vaping the only method of using CBD oil

Although vaping is not the only method of using CBD, it is one of the best. CBD can be consumed as oral tinctures, infused with drinks, CBD isolates powder, edibles, and CBD capsules. Edibles are made using CBD crystal isolate powder as it contains 99% pure CBD; it can also be used to make CBD-infused butter since the crystal dissolves into the butter or oil.

Food grade ingredients are used in making CBD vape juice, which makes it ideal for oral consumption. 


Vaping CBD oil allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cannabidiol. However, you must put into consideration the factors discussed above to ensure that you only consume safe and quality products. Also, make sure that the CBD vaping devices are cost-friendly and durable.


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