A New Hemp Tracking System Released by Helix TCS for the State of Delaware

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A New Hemp Tracking System Released by Helix TCS for the State of Delaware


Little about Helix TCS

Helix TCS is a company that specializes in providing technology, security, and consulting solutions for the legal cannabis industry. Helix TCS has quickly become a leading provider of integrated services for the cannabis industry, with a presence in over 35 U.S. states and multiple international markets.

On November 20, 2019, Helix TCS announced the launch of the country’s first integrated tcs tracking system. Helix TCS, Inc is the top supplier of critical infrastructure in the marijuana industry. The biotrackthc delaware Government Traceability system will be used for hemp trace and helix CBD products imported into the state of Delaware to ensure the transparency and safety of the consumers. The tracking system requires implementing a series of controls and testing of hemp before it is used to manufacture CBD and products infused with THC and CBD.

Notable innovation

Helix TCS and the state of Delaware developed the tcs tracking system to remain significant technologically and retain transparency in the emerging hemp industry. The CEO of the delaware biotrackthc business line, Dr. Moe Afaneh, said that the development of the helix tracking system is a notable innovation in the hemp industry. It is also a gold standard for managing the emerging market. He further said that the company would continue to develop industry-leading solutions as the regulatory framework in the industry changes.

The CEO and Executive Chairman, Zachary L. Venegas, said that:  it is the company’s responsibility to provide a solution to the problems facing the marijuana industry. In addition, the hemp tracking system is an excellent example of how the company focuses on the need of the booming sector through innovation.

The services offered by Helix TCS include:

Keeps all records of products:

Marijuana businesses in Delaware are currently using the system to record all the products in their supply chain while ensuring that the products being sold are tested for potency and purity.


Helix TCS offers software solutions for cannabis businesses, including point-of-sale systems, inventory management, and compliance tracking. These systems help companies to manage their operations efficiently and stay compliant with state and local regulations.

Apart from being the leading provider of cannabis infrastructure, Helix TCS helps marijuana business owners to maintain a competitive edge in the industry while legally mitigating risks. Helix TCS technology package and security services provide companies with a comprehensive supply chain management system, compliance tools, and assets security for any license in the regulated marijuana market.

More sales:

Although marijuana and hemp industries it does not directly deal with plants or derived products. Over 2000 customers are using Helix TCS products in 38 states, and over $18 billion in marijuana sales has been processed in 6 countries.


Helix TCS provides security services for cannabis businesses, including armed and unarmed guards, secure transportation of cannabis products, and security consulting. These services are designed to help businesses protect their assets and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.


Helix TCS offers consulting services for cannabis businesses, including regulatory compliance, business strategy, and financial planning. These services are designed to help businesses navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry and make informed decisions about their operations.

Data analytics:

Helix TCS offers data analytics services that help cannabis businesses analyze their operations and make data-driven decisions. These services include customer segmentation, sales forecasting, and product optimization.


Helix TCS has developed a proprietary compliance platform called BioTrackTHC, designed to help cannabis businesses comply with state and local regulations. Delaware.biotrackthc platform includes inventory tracking, reporting, and auditing tools and is used by cannabis businesses in multiple states.


Helix TCS has partnered with several banks to provide banking services for cannabis businesses. This is a critical area of need for the cannabis industry, as many banks are hesitant to work with cannabis businesses due to the federal prohibition of cannabis.

As the legal cannabis industry grows and becomes more mainstream, companies like Helix TCS will play an increasingly important role in providing the technology, security, and consulting services necessary for businesses to thrive. Helix TCS has positioned itself as a leader in this emerging market by offering a comprehensive suite of services and investing in research and development. It is well-positioned for continued growth and success.


What services does Helix TCS offer?

Helix TCS provides a wide range of services for cannabis businesses, including technology solutions, security services, compliance consulting, data analytics, and banking services.

What is BioTrackTHC?

Biotrackthc delaware is a compliance platform Helix TCS developed to help cannabis businesses stay compliant with state and local regulations. The platform includes tools for inventory tracking, reporting, and auditing.

Where is Helix CBD based?

Helix cbd is based in Denver, Colorado, but has a presence in over 35 U.S. states and multiple international markets.


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