Our History

MedCare Farms is veteran owned and was established in 2009, founded by a husband and wife duo after experiencing the life-enhancing effects of medical cannabis firsthand.

In 2008 Garin, the husband and Chairman/CEO, was in a devastating motorcycle accident which left him in constant pain. Throughout his treatment, Garin noticed the prescribed pharmaceuticals had depleted his quality of life and were slowly changing who he was. He turned to medical cannabis as an alternative and immediately found the relief he was searching for without the side effects and constant feeling that he was losing himself. This new-found interest turned into a mission, the couple launched MedCare Farms, and put all their time, energy and finances on making cannabis available to as many in need as possible.

Our Present

For the past decade we have developed proprietary indoor cultivation techniques which, coupled with our strain development and vetting, allow us to produce craft connoisseur-grade cannabis while maintaining high yields and consistency.

Our flowers are a cut above and provide a consistent experience upon which all can rely on.

Our Mission

MedCare Farms is a dynamic leader in the craft cannabis industry. As a mission-driven company, one of our main objectives is to set the standards of excellence in the market. We are building a business in which high standards are infused in all aspects of our company. We aim to be a leader in the community and contribute to the overall wellbeing of its people.
Our aspiration is to provide medical and recreational consumers with the highest overall quality experience. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and professional staff will inspire, educate and assist all needs our distributors and consumers have. Success in fulfilling our vision is measured by satisfying our consumers. Quality is a state of mind at MedCare Farms.
Most importantly, we will continuously strive to educate the community on the benefits and simultaneously prove that those who use cannabis can be productive and successful members of society. We believe philanthropy is important and intend to contribute a portion of net profits to the best charities. We will continue to aspire towards expanding our reach to ensure no one is left without the option for cannabis as an alternative to opioids.