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About Us

Who We Are.

Founded in 2009, Medcare Farms has quickly become Southern California’s leading craft-cannabis, lifestyle management company. We are a mission, educational, and customer-centric company focused on providing the highest and safest quality cannabis on the market to serve all of our customer’s unique and ever-changing needs.

Medcare’s Cannabis Lifestyle Management: We take pride in providing people a natural, effective and safe alternative to assist in balancing their everyday life. Whether for adult recreational use or consumers more focused on options to support their health and wellness, our products give reliable cannabis solutions.

Good Quality

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Fast & Save

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Our Why.

Improving the quality of life for people near and far through Craft Cannabis.

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Meet the Medcare Family

Medcare Farms was founded after Garin, the Chairman/CEO experienced the life-enhancing effects of medical cannabis.

In 2008,  Garin was in a devastating motorcycle accident  that left him in constant pain. He was prescribed pharmaceuticals, but they quickly began to deplete his quality of life and started changing who he was negatively. 

Kelly suggested medical cannabis as an alternative and Garin immediately found relief without any negative side effects. This newfound interest turned into their mission,  Medcare Farms.  After over a decade of hard work and determination Medcare Farms is continuing the mission of making cannabis available to as many in need as possible.

Extensive Facility Inspections:

Daily we inspect our facility to ensure as close to sterile and sustainable environment as possible is created. This controlled environment ensures that we have: No Disease. No Heavy Metals. No Pest Infestations.

The Medcare Farms Canopy:

This is where the low stress plant training begins and where plants are nurtured, cultivated and meticulously manicured.

CO2 Implementation

Co2 is injected into the room to ensure maximum efficiency and growth.