Allow Cannabis Research in Universities, Say Congress Members

Allow Universities to Study Cannabis

A bipartisan group of Congress members has issued a letter demanding the prosecution of educational institutes intending to study marijuana.

As of now, colleges and universities cannot work with cannabis without the fear of losing their federal funding. Research on cannabis has hence been historically lacking due to this stipulation. However, Rep. Joe Neguse (D-CO) with a team of 25 other congressional lawmakers have faith that this will change soon.

Last Friday, Rep. Joe Neguse with his colleagues issued the House Educational Appropriations Subcommittee’s chair a letter requesting the federal government not to withhold any funds from educational instructions that wish to research cannabis.

The letter referred to withholding of federal funds to academic institutions as an undue hurdle for the many with great ideals in carrying out meaningful research. It also stated that as cannabis progressively get legalized, the need for substantial research on the plant is now more important than before in creating effective regulations and laws.

Moreover, the letter indicates that formal research is crucial as states continue to legalize medical marijuana since there is a great need for professionally equipped with its knowledge to discuss issues that surround the plant and health competently. It goes on to say that all factors considered, evidence-based research on cannabis should be encouraged in academic settings other than discouraged.

Since he won the congressional seat last year, Joe Neguse has shown much concern about making universities capable of doing cannabis research. In the past, he pushed the office of the attorney general to license more cultivators of research-grade cannabis that is federally approved.

Assuming that the federal government makes a move to license more growers and permit universities to carry out cannabis research, the output of high-quality cannabis will obviously increase.


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