Apeks Supercritical Joins Forces with Rough Brothers, Inc. to Provide the Best Technology in Cultivation and Processing


Apeks Supercritical Joins Forces with Rough Brothers, Inc.


Apeks Supercritical manufacturers CO2. The company was brought by Rough Brothers, Inc., which is located in Gibraltar. Rough Brother, Inc. specializes in Greenhouse design manufacturing. A dynamic partnership is formed when the two companies join forces with other companies as this will strengthen their ability to provide the global marijuana industry with extraordinary extraction technologies.

Apeks Supercritical is an independent division of Rough Brothers, Inc. and will carry out its daily activities just like before it was acquired. This is to ensure standards that Apeks Supercritical clients can identify with, such as quality engineering and fabrication, are not altered. According to Apeks Supercritical General Manager Andy Joseph, the acquisition presents them with more resources, advanced across the globe. He further said that Rough Brothers, Inc. are reputable in the manufacturing and engineering sector, and Apeks Supercritical holds them in high regard for their leadership and knowledge. He also has the RBI commitment to service and innovations align with Apek’s mission.

The partnership has resulted in the formation of a new dynamic and integrated solution for growing and processing marijuana in the rapidly developing cannabis sector. Among the other companies that have joined forces with Apeks and RBI is Nexus, which is a Colorado-based Greenhouse Solutions company.

The three companies provide the cultivating and processing market with an innovative approach and unrivaled expertise. Through this, Apeks Customers will be in a position to experience customized growing and processing solutions. What this means is that the clients will be able to design and develop their growing, processing, and manufacturing facilities. Besides, to produce the most unique and assorted line of products, they will have to design and integrate all the essential processes.

Joseph further said that for Apeks to be a world leader for botanical extractions the previous year, the Apeks team had to work extra hard. Besides, for Apeks to scale higher, and still hold the interest of its customers, stakeholders, and employees, the company had to find a partner to help maximize their growth and influence.

Through the partnership, Apeks will be in a position to speed up and advance in the innovation of cutting-edge extraction technology. Apeks Supercritical partnership with RBI will help them in creating unrivaled technology, that will be a game-changer in the cultivation and processing operations across the world.


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