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No two marijuana strains are created equal. Since the first cannabis plants grew into the wild, growers have been experimenting with different strains to keep up with the dynamic demands of weed users and create the best marijuana strains. One thing that has been established is that naturally, users are more swayed by recommendations or reputations. For instance, if you want to increase your productivity, your budtender may recommend Super Lemon Haze or Sour Diesel. However, different individuals react to cannabis strains differently, even when they are the same. This is thanks to our endocannabinoid system. For this reason, when choosing the best marijuana strains, you may never know if a particular strain is good for you until you consume it.

1. Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Many people living with anxiety turn to cannabis as a source of relief for their anxiety. Given what we know about how different strains can impart very different feelings and effects, it’s only natural that people question what might be the best strains for what they are looking to accomplish. So how exactly do you choose the right strains for anxiety management? Well, making this decision on your own can be quite tricky. Outlined here are some of the most popular and most effective marijuana strains for anxiety.

2. Marijuana Strains for Pain

Marijuana’s role as an alternative to many traditional pain medications has been extensively studied and even approved of in certain use cases. While there are no guarantees, many cannabis users anecdotally report that using cannabis has helped them achieve reductions in chronic pain. There are  several strains of marijuana, all of which are better suited for performing distinct functions in the body. To provide maximum relief, it is usually advisable to go with a marijuana strain that is best suited for that purpose. Find out what the best marijuana strains for pain are. 

3. Marijuana Strains for Sex

It’s a poorly kept secret that marijuana can enhance sensations and experiences such as enjoyment of food, entertainment, and even sexual perceptions. Even with limited scientific evidence, all marijuana users agree on sensory amplifications. Foods taste better and music sounds better and louder. 

While there are many different types of cannabis and cannabis strains, what marijuana strains for sex are best?

Hybrid Strains

Original cannabis plants are either Sativa or Indica strains. Indica is taken for its sedating effect on the body, keeping it relaxed. Sativa, on the other hand, stimulates the cerebral while giving an energizing effect. With hybrid strains, the users get the best of both worlds. Most strains of cannabis in the market now are a crossbreed of Indica and Sativa genes instead of pure Sativa or Indica. The breeding process involves pollinating the female part of a cannabis strain with the male part of another on a farm or greenhouse. After the process, the offspring take after, in physical appearance and effect, one parent more than the other, depending on the result the grower aims for. One of the desired results is for the hybrid plant to have a higher concentration or percentage of THC than the two parent plants. Some famous examples of this include Pineapple Express, White Widow, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Trainwreck, Blue Dream, and Skunk.

THC counts

The THC concentration gives an idea of the intoxicating effect of a cannabis plant. With the tolerance level of users increasing over the years, breeders are constantly intensifying the THC counts of their produce. These days, the most potent marijuana flower contains 25% THC content, while concentrates can be as high as 60%. While not very common, it is still possible to get cannabis plants of higher than 35% THC content. This is not recommended for new and intermediate users. The rule of thumb when buying your marijuana is to stick to less than 15% THC content for a mild psychoactive effect, especially if you’re a beginner. Any content level higher than 20% THC produces more potent results.

Future of Cultivation

The cultivation of cannabis has moved from illegal black/gray markets to controlled Greenhouses. Like in other industries, the landscape of cannabis production is getting even more innovative thanks to technology. Cultivators no longer have to depend on guesswork; the use of automation systems ensures precision in feeding, lighting, and other environmental conditions for happier cannabis plants. For instance, genetic engineering allows breeders to achieve accuracy in crossing strains to a desired CBD/THC ratio and other desired traits. Another innovation commonly adopted in the cannabis industry is manipulating the cannabis hormonal responses to controlled environments for increased flower production and higher yield.

The Best Marijuana Dispensary in California

As Marijuana continues to grow in popularity and acceptance, it becomes more imperative to get your weed from legal, reputable dispensaries offering nothing but high-quality strains. At Medcare Farms, we not only provide you with the highest quality marijuana strains for different functions, we also educate the community about marijuana and its overall benefits in medicine and recreation. Get in touch with us today to get started on a journey that will change your life.


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