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A lot of people living with anxiety go to cannabis as a source of remedy for their conditions. Of course, all cannabis is not the same. Despite the fact that cannabis can absolutely help with anxiety, it is always imperative that you go for the right strain or else you may actually be making things worse.

So how exactly do you choose the best marijuana strains for anxiety? Well, making this decision on your own can be quite tricky. That is why we have outlined below some of the most popular and most effective cannabis strains for anxiety.

History & Science of Cannabis Use for Anxiety

A lot of scientific research has been done regarding marijuana and its effect on mental health. Generally, it was found that THC is capable of relieving anxiety in small doses and increasing it in higher doses.

CBD, on the other hand, was shown to reduce anxiety in both individuals without anxiety disorders and those with diagnosed social anxiety disorder.

Even though the value of CBD as an agent for managing anxiety is recognized by a lot of physicians in the field, most states where marijauana is legal for medical use do not list anxiety as a qualifying condition for the prescription of medical marijuana.

Still, a study over 1,746 patients from a network of evaluation clinics in California showed that 37.8% of patients do use medical marijuana for anxiety and 55.1% use it to improve relaxation.

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Generally, strains of cannabis containing high levels of CBD are the most common for anxiety management. Below are some popular options to consider.


Remedy is a high CBD cannabis strain containing 14 percent CBD. Thanks to its low THC content, it produces no psychoactive effect. 

Sour Tsunami 

Sour tsunami is one of the very first high CBD cannabis strains and has a CBD to THC ratio of 13:1.


ACDC is another 14 percent cannabis strain that is notable for its stress and anxiety relief without resulting in a feeling of being stoned.


Containing 16 percent CBD and not up to 1 percent THC, Elektra has a pungent aroma but also produces a great relaxing effect.


Lifter contains about 16 percent CBD with absolutely minimal THC. It produces a relaxing effect without hampering focus.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a very popular high CBD strain containing 13 percent CBD and almost no THC. It is employed for pain and anxiety management.

Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is so named because it smells like cherry and wine. It contains about 17 percent CBD and is also great for anxiety management.


Harle-Tsu is an award-winning strain containing about 13 – 21 percent CBD and about 0.86 percent THC. It is great for lowering anxiety and improving mood.

Suzy Q

Suzy Q has only 11 percent CBD, making it the lowest on our list. Despite this, it is considered by many to be a great choice for relaxation without getting worn out.

Sour Space Candy

Last on our list, Sour Space Candy is known for its less than pleasant aroma and also effectiveness in managing anxiety and depression. It contains 17 percent CBD and very minute THC.

Finding the Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

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