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Marijuana’s role as a legitimate pain reliever is starting to become more established in the medical field. With the passing of each day, many more people are choosing to go with marijuana rather than opioids and other similar drugs for pain relief. There are, however, several strains of marijuana, all of which are better suited for performing distinct functions in the body. To provide maximum relief, it is usually advisable to go with a marijuana strain that is best suited for that purpose. Sadly, deciding between strains can be a bit tedious, especially for those who aren’t really familiar with cannabis. If you find yourself in these shoes, you don’t have to worry. Below is a detailed guide of some of the best marijuana strains for pain relief.

The Best Marijuana Strains for Pain

Marijuana has been employed to relieve pain in patients suffering from cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes. But to know the best strain for the best result, you must first know about the broad categories of cannabis.

Generally, there are three types of marijuana/cannabis strains:

·         the cannabis indica, 

·         cannabis sativa, and 

·         hybrid strains. 

Cannabis Indica

An online survey of 95 patients in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed that cannabis indica strains produced a more promising result for pain management. 

Cannabis Indica was also the best alternative for relaxation and sleep induction.

Cannabis Sativa

For energy and mood boost, cannabis sativa strains were the more promising alternative. Logically, it makes sense for patients to make use of indica strains to relax and manage their pain, while saving the sativa strains for when they require energy and a lift in mood.


Hybrid strains of cannabis are made by cultivating parts of indica and sativa to form a distinct strain. They are, in essence, a combination of certain qualities of indica and sativa. 

For that reason, they tend to overlap in function depending on which strain is the most dominant in forming the new hybrid strain.

Understanding Marijuana’s Effect on Pain

Cannabis is only the general name of the plants known as marijuana. The chemicals responsible for the actual psychoactive nature of the plant vary depending on the exact reaction they generate.

The key chemical responsible for the euphoria or “highness” caused by cannabis is the THC compound, which is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC, however, is not the only chemical compound present in Cannabis.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is another compound found in cannabis plants. Now while CBD does not produce any type of high like its THC counterpart, it does provide certain therapeutic functions of its own which include pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

It does this by interacting with the pain receptors in the brain, altering them in a way that leads to significant relief in the patient.

Cannabis vs Opioids for Opioid Management

Opioids are a broad group of pain relief medications known for their high addictive tendencies. Many have turned to cannabis for their pain management to escape the possibility of getting addicted to opioids.

Researchers surveying almost 3000 medical cannabis users showed that 97 percent of the group strongly agreed that cannabis has helped them decrease their opioid usage. 

In terms of which is more effective, there is no definitive answer, but 81 percent of the same group agreed that cannabis was more effective alone than in combination with opioids.

Finding the Best Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

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