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One of
the most open secrets of marijuana is its potential to spice up things in the
bedroom. Anecdotal evidence suggests that weed is more than capable of taking
sex to a whole new level.

Even with
limited scientific evidence, all marijuana users agree on sensory
amplifications. Foods taste better and music sounds better and louder. 

Going by
this argument, it is hard to argue against frequent users’ claims of a reported
frequency increase and enhanced sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, the
anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana relax the muscle and put you in a
better mood. 

Effects of Marijuana on Sex

other effects, the link between marijuana and sex can be traced to the
endocannabinoid system. This is a network of nerves that ensures the optimal
operation of the body through significant components, namely endocannabinoids,
enzymes, and receptors. 

together, this system regulates several bodily functions, from appetite, sleep,
mood, and even the reproductive system. 

Researchers found ECS receptors in the part of the brain
to be activated by THC
, with the famed
dopamine released leading to an increase in sexual pleasure. However, another
study in 2015 suggests a chronic use may lead to lower sex drive in men. Like
men, women are also said to experience an increased general desire with the
potential to help treat female sexual dysfunction. 

The Best Strains for Sex

While the
jury is still out on the effect of marijuana on sexual desire and performance,
some strains have built a reputation for being aphrodisiacs. Before we go into
listing a few of the strains known to enhance sex and intimacy, it should be
pointed out that different strains have varying effects on individuals. 

difference is in how the chemical makeup of the marijuana plant interacts with
your endocannabinoid system. That said, here are the top picks based on
experts’ recommendations and regular marijuana users’ favorites.

 Atomic Northern Lights


thought of living up to expectations unsettles many, leading to anxiety that
affects performance in the bedroom. If you get anxious before sex, lighting an
Atomic Northern Light, puffing, and passing to your partner may be excellent

Sour Diesel


with sex-boosting terpenes like myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene, Sour
Diesel comes highly recommended. With a high concentration of THC, the Sativa
dominant strain gives you a rush of excitement and energy. The sensation from
every touch is said to be amplified. 


Sex is
best enjoyed when you let it go – no inhibition. Mimosa has a great blend of
terpenes for an overall satisfying sexual experience. The presence of high
content of limonene produces an immediate mood-boosting and uplifting
experience. Myrcene calms the nerves and improves concentration for the last
truly intimate moment, free of worries. As a Sativa dominant hybrid strain,
mimosa provides a little burst of energy, enough burst of energy to finish

 Which is Better for Sex: Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid?


classification matters little when buying marijuana to enhance your bedroom
performance. But terpenes in the strain do. No one strain fits all. Your
solution for an unforgettable romp may require trying a few strains before
getting the perfect one your body responds to most. 

Finding the Best Marijuana Strains for Sex in California

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