5 Things to Ask Before Your First Visit to a Dispensary

Your first visit to a dispensary can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Before those doors swing open, you want to ask yourself a few questions about what you are looking to get from your cannabis experience and think about what kind of cannabis you are looking for.

You want to nail down the basics, like whether you are looking for a recreational experience or your interests are more medical in nature. You should have an idea of what consumption methods you are comfortable with. 

However, you also want to dive a little deeper and consider a few of these questions to make sure you will get the best experience. You want to know things like where the cannabis came from and how it’s going to affect you.

How is this cannabis produced?

Ask where the product comes from and what the company’s practices are that made it. If concerns like sustainable farming and eco-friendly practices are important to you, they might not be on the packaging. If you want your products to be organic, make sure they are before you buy them

Knowing whether something was sun-grown or cultivated indoors will tell you about the farmers and what to expect from the experience. This is more prudent if you are looking for flower, but other products like vapes and edibles warrant their due diligence as well. 

What tests have been done on this product?

Any reputable shop will have the testing results on hand for all of their products for sale. If they try to avoid the question, that could be a red flag that you are dealing with a bad seller or they are trying to unload subpar products on you. 

The actual tests that were performed will also matter. You will want to know the cannabinoid profiles of the batch, as well as if any contaminants were present. For higher-end craft cannabis, your dispensary may also spring for a full terpene profile to be done for a sample as well to showcase the unique flavors and fragrances that a particular batch of craft cannabis holds.

What terpenes are available?

These natural oils are what give particular strains their unique flavors, smells, and effects. Many of the smelling and tasting notes that come with high-quality cannabis are because of terpenes. Consider what smells and fragrances you enjoy and use that as a base to ask your budtender what they recommend. These sensations will be present far before the high, and choosing one you like will likely mean choosing a cannabis strain that you enjoy. Earthy, piney, fragrant flowers, pungent pepper, berries, or sweetness can all come through in the bouquet of craft cannabis. 

While the effects are still being studied, there are also reported therapeutic effects of certain terpenes. Depending on the terpenes present it will change the effect as you consume it. Examples include linalool and its relaxative powers, pinene to keep your head clear, or myrcene to put you to sleep.

What are the effects of this product?

What you are looking to get out of your marijuana experience will dictate what product will be best for you. Are you looking to be active or glued to the couch? Do you want more of a body high or a head high? Are you looking for a recreational pastime, or are you looking for relief from some ailment? How long do you want the effects to last? How intense you want the experience to be? 

What activities suit this product?

Don’t just consider how you are going to consume cannabis, but think about what you are going to be doing while it’s in effect. Some products will be well suited to being out and about and staying with you as you stay active. Other products will be more focused on quiet contemplation and inner experience.

Final Thoughts

These aren’t the only things to consider before you decide to try cannabis, but they are offbeat questions that you might not think about right away. These are helping you to narrow down what kind of products you are interested in and to get you primed to ask good questions of your budtender. 

We know there is so much more information out there, but we also know that you don’t want to be overwhelmed by a wall of info at your first outing. That’s why at Medcare Farms, we do our best to give you the information you need and skip the things that don’t apply to you. 

We pool together our expert growing knowledge with the practical know-how of seasoned budtenders to do our best to give you the ultimate craft cannabis experience. Come Visit us at our flagship store in Lake Elsinore 29395 Hunco Way, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 to see for yourself or check us out on social media.

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