7 Amazing Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana

Advocates of drug prohibition think that puffing a joint several times will turn you into a red-eyed and unemployed psychopath for the rest of your life. 

Several states in the U.S. have decriminalized recreational marijuana, and researchers have a chance to study the overall benefits of cannabis. 

Discussed below are some of the health benefits of smoking cannabis:

1. Marijuana improves lung function

Compared to cigarettes, smokers, or non-smokers, marijuana helps improve liver functions. The Journal of the American Medical Association published articles that show taking big drags trains the lungs to be more efficient. 

2. Marijuana smokers are less likely to be obese

Although after smoking weed, you might find the stoner devouring an entire KFC family bucket in one sitting, a study published in the Journal Obesity found that compared to non-smokers, regularly weed stoners are less likely to be obese. 

A study involving 700 adults aged between 18-74 was conducted by researchers from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers showed that marijuana users tend to have low body mass index scores. 

3. Enhances performance in athletes 

After several athletes said that marijuana helps them improve performance and recovery, Gregory Megroz of Outside decided to study marijuana. 

After his unscientific research, he found that his performance on the treadmill was better than when he has not smoked, and he was less sore after doing intense squats. Typically, the squats would leave him sore for a day or two. 

He also noted that even after the high is over, aches and pains seem to fade faster. 

Other studies show that the anti-inflammatory nature of marijuana is one of the reasons why medical marijuana is popular.  

4. Enhances creativity 

A study conducted back in 2012 on Consciousness and Cognition revealed that creativity was enhanced in people who consumed marijuana. 

Marijuana consumption also showed verbal fluency in people with low creativity increased to the same level as those with high creativity. 

5. A better alternative to alcohol

According to the Journal Scientific Reports, compared to alcohol, researchers found that marijuana is 114 times safer. They concluded that after studying the effects of alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy, and pot. 

6. Kill Cancer Cells

Marijuana can shrink cancer cells, admitted the U.S. government. In an official page meant for government advice, the U.S. governments posted and said that laboratory tests have shown that marijuana can kill cancer cells. 

The study was conducted on rodents; however, it is not clear if patients should ingest or inhale marijuana treatment for cancer symptoms or side effects of chemotherapy. 

Cancer Research U.K. cautions patients since no research has been conducted to show that marijuana extracts can be used as treatment. 

7. Can help you stop using hard drugs

A new study has found that smoking weed enables you to give up hard drugs such as heroin. 

After monitoring patients undergoing treatment for opioid addiction, researchers from Columbia University found that consuming marijuana helped the patients sleep, and it also made them less anxious. It enabled them to finish the treatment program. 

They also found that dronabinol drug helped patients manage their withdrawal symptoms. 

High Times also noted that the number of deaths related to opioids had reduced significantly in the U.S. states where adult-use marijuana is legal. 

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