A Cannabis Pharmaceutical Consortium Discovers a Strain Uniquely Effective for Diabetes


 Industrial Hemp

According to Mercury News reports, a group of cannabis pharmaceutical researchers has revealed that it has identified a strain of marijuana that offers significant levels of a cannabinoid that may be effective in diabetes treatment.

The cannabis pharmaceutical consortium has discovered a strain of cannabis that contains useful amounts of THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), which is a rare cannabinoid available in little amounts in most strains of marijuana. However, the recent research has shown that the strain that is known as “Black Beauty,” contain significant amounts of the cannabinoid.

Usually, the strain has darker leaves than those of the other medical marijuana strains, hence the name “Black Beauty.” There is enough evidence that shows that THCV has uniquely potent properties that help relieve diabetes symptoms, which include a scientific publication on a Nature journal.

George Bianchini (a medical cannabis expert in Marin County) and his partner Ed Rosenthal were the first to discover the Black Beauty strain several years ago. However, the plant was about to be discarded since the lab results revealed that it contained tiny amounts of THC but no CBD, which are the two major cannabinoids that are known to offer medical properties. The recent study shows that Black Beauty contains about 3.5% of THCV.

Bianchini and Rosenthal have devoted their efforts in pushing back years of THC-focused breeding of marijuana, and Black Beauty now present a greater alternative.

A number of biotech companies have also been carrying out experiments on implanting the genes of the rare cannabinoid into hemp. The approach aims at circumventing federal regulations against marijuana but most importantly, it will ensure large-scale production of THCV is achieved.

Moreover, Liposome Formulations Inc, which is a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Marin County has also announced that it will launch a THCV pills product line. But until biotech companies in the region are able to produce THCV in large scale through implanting the genes on industrial hemp, the pills are expected to be less affordable.

Successful breading of a strain of industrial hemp in order to produce in large amounts of the rare cannabinoid and cheaply with a THCV gene could be the ultimate key in fighting diabetes, especially with the expected legalization of industrial hemp through the 2018 Farm Bill.

However, regardless of the outcome, the latest development in cannabis research is a huge step in the right direction. With the discovery of a number of previously unknown cannabinoids, it is now evident that medical cannabis research and discussion should invest further in the experiments of the other cannabinoids that are lesser known.

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