During this week, Stephen Sweeney who is the senate president and Phil Murphy who is the governor of New Jersey have supposedly arrived at a concurrence on ways to supervise and tax the trade cannabis. This was after negotiating on the affair for months. To some other places in Alaska, Mike Dunleavy who is the governor is organizing to institute law to revoke the board of nation that control the businesses of cannabis and liquor.

Below are the some of the headlines that you should
expect by the end of this week:

Vermont: ‘Vermont Senate Committee Approves Marijuana Regulation Bill’

board of senate of Vermont has accepted laws that would layout a structure for
supervising the products of bhang and the trade of bhang in the nation. On
Friday the bill was accepted by the senate judiciary board. The system
generates a control committee of bhang that would embrace ruling and manage a
licensing scheme for bhang businesses.

New Hampshire: ‘The Board of Public Safety and House
of Criminal Justice Approves the Progress of Laws’

Thursday the board of public safety and the house of criminal justice have
approved the progress of laws that would conclude the banning and monitor bhang
for persons 21 years and above in New Hampshire. 10 to 9 vote of the boards,
which was in approval of HB 481 pronounced the first time it has accepted such

Alaska: ‘The Governor of Alaska Plans to Institute
Law to Revoke National Committees that Control Cannabis and Liquor Business’

Dunleavy who is the governor in Alaska is organizing to institute law to revoke
the nation committees that control the businesses of cannabis and liquor. Julie
Anderson who is the commissioner of department of community, economic development, and commerce in Alaska wrote a letter to the
employees telling them about the plans of the governor to revoke the
committees. Julie Anderson said the aim “is to convey the power and leadership
of the two committees to the commissioner and withdraw the control committee of
bhang and the control committee of liquor.”

control committee for bhang and liquor in Alaska are accountable for
implementation, licensing and survey for work. The committee whereby members of
the public are allowed to remark on the manifesto holds meetings.  

California: ‘A new Review on the Cannabis Industry
in California Reveals an Issue that Requires Urgent Action’

California, there is a new review from the state’s advisory board of marijuana
on the first year of legitimate marijuana sales that indicates there is an
issue that needs urgent action: “clumsy and fragmented” implementation has let
the black market to shake, pressurizing the business that has been licensed
with competitions that are not fair.

Newsom who is the governor has encouraged tolerance with inactive extension in
the number of the bhang organizations that are licensed in the nation, stating
that he anticipated that such a compound administrative structure would take
not less than 5 years to advance. But now he is calling for stronger
implementation against the illegal market of the nation.

New Jersey: ‘Legitimization of Cannabis in New
Jersey Nears’

New Jersey the legitimization of cannabis is as close as the outcome of a wide
concurrence uncertainly reached among the paramount nation democrats. Stephen
Sweeney who is the president of the nation senate and Phil Murphy who is the
governor, have come to an agreement on ways to supervise and tax the sale of
entertaining cannabis following the months of getting over the issue in
accordance to the local details.

Georgia: ‘Georgia Might Authorize the Sale and
Manufacture of Medical Cannabis Oil Soon’

Georgia might authorize the sale and manufacturing of little strength medical
cannabis oil within the state. In the Georgia house an idea was initiated which
would close an opening generated by the 2015 medical cannabis regulation of the
state. . It permitted the patients to own the drug but did not issue any actual
way to acquire it.

New Mexico: ‘Medical Marijuana Markets Grows in New
Mexico as the Number Patients Seeking Alternative Medicine Increases’

marijuana markets in New Mexico discover itself at a critical situation, with
the number of patients increasing and the yield of the marijuana plant
decreasing nationwide. A state district judge provided a serious decision in
2018 November that medical bhang organizations should not be hindered any
longer by arbitrary restrictions on the amount of plants they should grow.
Unfortunately, there is no any action that has been undertaken as of February
mid to enlarge diminish the supply of medical marijuana.

West Virginia: ‘House of Delegates Passes a Bill to
Prevent Loss of Medical Program Cash’

bill was proceeded on February 15th by the House of Delegates that
plans to mend up a monetary hole in the medical program of the nation, which is
stationed to begin this summer. After the sellers notified the office of the
nation’s treasurer of their readiness to process the collection previous year,
HB 2538 would let the nation to offer out contracts of banking to the
organizations like credit unions so as to let them to summon the fees, taxes,
and penalties that are associated with the program.

North Dakota: ‘Lawmakers in North Dakota Agree to
Extend the State’s Medical Cannabis Regulations’

house lawmakers of North Dakota concurred to extend the nation’s medical
cannabis of regulations on February 18th, passing 4 bills which are
focused at the laws originating from a victorious ballot measure in 2916. A
bill that was proceeded by the lawmakers would compute 13 latest states that
are certified for the scheme, while those others are focused at reducing the
concerns of the physician over signing off the illicit drug, letting the cancer
patients  to buy and own more dried
leaves of marijuana and allowing the products of medical cannabis to be edible.


Digestive Problems

Can cbd treat digestive disorder?

Digestive disorders are some of the acute complications that prevent us from going about our daily activities as usual, though many of them usually last for a short period. However, some of the disorders such as Crohn’s, IBS, and IBD are long lasting. Thus, they might force you to experience symptoms of a chronic digestion condition every day. With such a complication, there is a great need for a safe and effective medicinal or medical solution.

Usually, the medical solution should help treat the symptoms of the condition without causing any undesirable side effects. Fortunately, the latest advancements in medicine have made disease management extremely possible, but it is hard to avoid side effects. Apart from modern medicine, these side effects mainly come about due to the nature of treatment, such as steroids and surgeries.

The recent study has revealed that (CBD) Cannabidiol can help relieve digestive disorders. As you may know, CBD is less risky and has limited side effects since it is a natural compound that is found in the cannabis plant. For instance, several animal studies and relevant clinical reviews show that CBD offers a more favorable side effect profile than other drugs used in treating psychotic and epileptic conditions.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Crohn’s Disease Treatment with CBD

Crohn’s is a severe and chronic IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), which leads to weight loss, malnutrition, fatigue, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. However, the real cause of the disease has not been identified clinically, but it potentially results when inflammation is triggered by an abnormal immune system response. There other theories that suggest that genes, diet, and environmental condition play a key role in causing the disease, but some bacteria in the intestine could also be responsible.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure yet for Crohn's disease, but the progression of this condition can be regulated by using immunosuppressant and steroids. Crohn’s treatment involves minimizing treatment’s side effects, inducing and maintaining remission and enhancing the quality of life of the patient.

However, even with the treatment plan, the conventional treatments might lead to some minor side effects such as insomnia, puffy face, weight gain, and hyperactivity. Conventional treatments may also result in severe side effects, including glaucoma, high blood sugar, cataracts, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure, which could be problematic. Therefore, the potential of cannabis in the treatment of the bowel disease must be good news all the patients and the medical fraternity. CBD does not only help in improving symptoms but also minimizing side effects.

Clinical Studies on People and Animals

So far, the animal studies on the effects of CBD and THC on the gastrointestinal system have provided encouraging results. For example, a study on 30 patients with bowel disease in Israel who were required to smoke marijuana was used to reveal the effects of the compounds. The researchers then asked them about the severity of the symptoms of the disease, reasons for using marijuana and medical treatments. After that, the researchers compared the results of the study with the medical documentation from the hospital to have an objective assessment of the severity of the disease.

With the comparison, the researchers were able to determine that all the 30 patients reported that cannabis had a positive effect on the severity of the disease, and 21 of them reported a great improvement in symptoms. Most importantly, many of the patients admitted that they required fewer conventional medications while using cannabis, while 9 said that they stopped using drugs altogether.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms and CBD

Gastrointestinal issues can be frustrating and interfere with your personal life and daily activities. In recent years, the management of digestive problems with the use of cannabinoids has increasingly become popular. Studies have also shown that cannabinoid therapies can effectively regulate the symptoms by helping the gastrointestinal system CB1 receptors. Some of the signs that they can help regulate include pain, nausea, and vomiting. Apart from these symptoms, CB1 receptors in the body help control stomach secretions, GI movement, cell production, and food intake.

CBD for Gastrointestinal Pain

Usually, 11 percent of the GI disorders and Visceral can be a form of stomach pain that is not related to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or any ulcers but causes other symptoms such as constipation and flatulence. Research has also revealed that cannabinoids offer a stimulating effect on TRPV1, CB1 and CB2 receptors, which helps in alleviating pain, decreasing abdominal movement, thus less diarrhea.


Inflammation and the Brain

Usually, common symptoms of gastroenteritis, vomiting and nausea, motion sickness, psychological illnesses, and emotional stress, as well as other conditions resulting from the stimulation of certain receptors in the brain. These receptors bind with the signaling molecules like cannabinoids, dopamine, and serotonin. Studies found that individuals who experienced vomiting and nausea had lower CB1 and endocannabinoids levels as compared to those who did not experience these symptoms.



The term "Terpenes" or "Terpene" might not mean anything to many people for now, but that is bound to change soon. Terpenes are compounds found in cannabis plant that gives its flavor and fragrance. This explains why every cannabis plant has a unique flavor and aroma. According to studies, there are more than 100 different strains of Terpenes, which have already been identified in the plant and each has its unique composition.

As we continue to get a better understanding of this mysterious plant due to the advanced science and technology, we are able to see that industrial hemp and marijuana offer more than just cannabinoid content. Consequently, you do not need to smoke or take it to enjoy its health benefits as even smelling it alone will enable you to experience the therapeutic properties offered by Terpenes.

Here we look at all your what you would like to know about these compounds. For instance, can they be purchased separately, what properties do they possess?

What Are Terpenes?

These are oils found in cannabis plant, which gives it a unique aroma and flavor. Terpenes are packed in the sticky glands of the cannabis plant, which are the same glands that produce CBD, THC and other Cannabinoids. However, these compounds are not only found in the cannabis plant, as they are also available in many other plant species including herbs and fruits.

Terpenes are formed when hydrogen and carbon atoms combine, thus they are organic hydrocarbon compounds. When it comes to cannabis, the compounds are synthesized in the Glandular Trichome by the secreting cells. The production of Terpenes in cannabis increases when the plant is exposed to much light. Besides, Terpenes mainly accumulate in the exuded resin just like the other cannabinoids.

Functions of Terpenes in the Plant and Human Body

As mentioned above, Terpenes are usually found in the cannabis flowers, which are mainly female plants that are yet to be pollinated. The aromatic Terpenes protect the plant from various threats including insects, fungi, and bacteria. Apart from protecting the plant, their aroma also helps in pollination by attracting insects.

A number of factors usually influence the production and the quality of the compounds. Some of the critical factors that affect the quality of Terpenes include the genetics of the strain, soil composition, growing conditions and also the time of the day when harvesting is done. Therefore, it is advisable to understand that growing conditions and other factors affect the quality and consequently the effects that Terpenes will have on your body. Lab testing is the most reliable way to determine the level of Terpene, though growers claim that they can do it by using their noses.

Consequently, every plant has unique composition of Terpene even though the aroma and flavor of plants with the same genetics and variety tend to be similar. Studies have also revealed that Terpenes affects the cannabinoid production since cannabinoids are made up of phenol groups and Terpenes. According to research, there is a great correlation between cannabinoids and Terpenes levels under standard growing conditions. The study concluded that the correlation occurred because both compounds are manufactured in the same Glandular Trichome’s.

Just like Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, Terpenes offers numerous health benefits, which are discussed done here. Terpenes and cannabinoids have different effects though they bind to the CB1 Receptors in the central nervous system of the brain. Besides, every Terpene has a distinct effect. For example, Limonene helps elevate your mood while Linalool has a calming and relaxing effect.

It is also important to mention that heating Terpenes above the boiling point can severely damage the beneficial qualities of these compounds. Therefore, if you decide to consume it through vaping, it is advisable to use a low heat vaporizer pen for maximum benefits.

Finally, combining Terpenes with other compounds can alter its profile, which is known as the “Entourage Effect.” Researchers are currently working on determining the effects of each Terpene when consumed with other compounds. So far, studies have shown that Terpenes may provide additional health benefits when used with other compounds.

How is Terpene Extracted?

Terpene is extracted through steam distillation, where the vapor (steam) is passed through the plant material and comes out with Terpenes. The aromatic oil mixes easily with steam since Terpenes are soluble in water. On the other hand, cannabinoids do not mix with steam as they are fat-soluble and thus they are left in the plant material, which helps in separating the two compounds. Unlike some cannabinoids such as THC, Terpenes oil is free of psychoactive properties.

The extractions come at a relatively high price and can only be marketed in small quantities, which makes them incredibly valuable. Terpene oil is used in numerous applications such as being added to lotions, creams and massage oils in Aromatherapy. Besides, it can also be used in dabs and e-liquids as it provides a delicious aroma and flavor.

Common Terpenes

As mentioned earlier, there are 100 different strains of Terpenes. Here we look at the common ones:

  • Myrcene

This is among the major Terpenes in cannabis, but it is also found in lemongrass, hops, mango, and thyme. Myrcene has the aroma of cloves and cardamom, which is earthy and musky. The Terpene offers an ‘indica like’ calmness as it has a sedating effect. Therefore, it helps in the treatment of inflation, pain, insomnia and it is a potent antioxidant.

According to studies, taking a mango before consuming cannabis may accentuate the psychoactive effect since mangoes contain high myrcene levels that are synergistic with THC.

  • Alpha-Pinene

A-Pinene is another common Terpene strain that is found in rosemary, parsley, pine needles, and has the aroma of pine. The compound offers several effects including memory retention and alertness. It also aids in relieving pain, Asthma, anxiety, ulcers, and inflammation.

  • Bisabolol (Levemenol)

This compound is found in various cannabis strains. However, it is also found in a tree in Brazil known as Candeia and in chamomile. Bisabolol offers several health benefits as it acts as an anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial.

With the numerous health benefits, the strain has become a subject of research recently, and it is also widely used in cosmetics.

  • Beta-Caryophyllene or Caryophyllene

This strain o Terpene is found in cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper and it has spicy cloves and pepper aroma. Caryophyllene offers many medical benefits as it can be used in relieving pain, anti-inflammatory, depression, anxiety, and ulcers. Therefore, the Terpene is often found in anti-inflammatory salves and topical.

  • Humulene

Humulene is another common Terpene that also has several health benefits as it can be used as an antibacterial, antitumor, anti-inflammatory and also in suppressing appetite. Therefore, the Terpene is ideal for those who want to lose weight. The strain is found in coriander, basil, hops, and cloves and has an aroma of cloves, and hops.

  • Terpineol

This compound is also found in a number of plants including conifers, nutmeg, apples, lilacs and cumin and has a lilac, piney and flower blossom aroma. Terpineol can be used as an antibacterial, sedative, antioxidant, anti-cancer and antifungal and has a calming and relaxing effect.

  • Ocimene

With a woody and sweet herb aroma, Ocimene is found in parsley, pepper, mint, kumquats, basil, orchids and mango. Its medical benefits and can be used as anti-fungal, decongestant, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral.




Most people only know about CBD and THC, but there are 560 Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The research on CBD is ongoing since the Cannabinoid was discovered just 5 years ago. CBG (also known as Cannabigerol) is among the least known Cannabinoids found in the plant. Despite the limited knowledge of most of the minor Cannabinoids, the research on this particular Cannabinoids is flourishing.

With the results of the research already done, we are now aware of the numerous health benefits linked with CBG. However, we are yet to get deeper into what the Cannabinoid can offer to the medical field, and with the ongoing research, a lot more is yet to come.

On the other hand, most people have significant concerns about the use of THC due to its psychoactive properties. However, many of those who have negative vibes towards the Cannabinoid do not understand many of the health benefits associated with it. Studies have shown that THC has many health benefits, linked with enhancing brain functions, especially the central nervous system. Therefore, if these individuals could get over their concerns of it being a medicinal substance, then it could be of great help.

CBD and THC are the most useful Cannabinoid as they are the most abundant of the 560 cannabinoids. However, even though CBG is one of the minor Cannabinoids in Cannabis as it accounts for less than 1 percent of what is contained in the plant, it offers anti-bacterial properties. Cannabigerol or CBG is more powerful than CBD and THC as it came before them. The latest studies have revealed that CBG is potentially the ‘Stem Cell’ or ‘Template’ for both CBD and THC as they start as CBG.

Where Does CBG Start?

Well, most people might not be interested in getting deeper into this subtopic, but we will discuss it without being too technical. Usually, cannabis plants produce CBGA (Cannerbigerolic Acid), which is also known as the parent of the three major Cannabinoid lines. These include THCA (Tetracannabinoid Acid), CBDA (Cannabichromenic Acid) and CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid). The plant produces particular enzymes that help break down the Cannerbigerolic Acid (CBGA) into one of the three Cannabinoid lines. These acids then become the two Cannabinoids (THC and CBD) when they are exposed to heat or Ultra Violet light.

CBG has also shown huge potential even though it is a minor Cannabinoid due to its numerous health benefits. However, one of its downsides is that it is found in small amounts, which makes it a challenge to exploit it for commercial purposes. Researchers are carrying out experiments on various strains of marijuana to try to increase the content of CBG in the plant. Fortunately, scientists have managed to determine the optimum extraction time for Cannabinoid, which is 6 to 8 weeks into the flowering cycle. This is a good sign that it will not take them long to identify a solution.

Key CBG Benefits

As you may know, the human body consists of an endocannabinoid system that works to ensure that your body remains in a state of homeostasis. Recent studies have found that CBG works on particular physiological systems and so far, the benefits appear to be very promising. However, the research is still in its early stages, but there are some great results already. These include:

  • It is an effective anti-bacterial agent, especially against MRSA.
  • CBG is a potent vasodilator, which enables it to reduce intraocular pressure behind the eyes. Therefore, the Cannabinoid can help in glaucoma treatment.
  • Has shown promising results in fighting cancer, particularly, Cannabigerol has been found to block receptors that lead to the growth of a cancer cell.
  • CBG reduces the inflammation linked with bowel conditions.
  • Studies have also shown that it offers protection to Neurons in mice suffering from Huntington's disease.
  • It also promotes bone growth and aids in overcoming insomnia.


Overall, the finding from the little research that has already been done is very promising. However, we are sure that a lot more is yet to come over the next few years as the study has only been going for a short time. The little known Cannabinoid will grow into one of the most important components in cannabis and medical industry, just like CBD and THC.


Cannabis for HIV

CBD to help manage HIV/AIDS

The HIV attacks the CD4 white blood cells in the body leading to their destruction, which results in a number of symptoms and later health complications. With the attacks on these critical cells, the entire immune system breaks down since the white blood cells fail to perform their duties.

Medical cannabis helps fight HIV symptoms, including constant fever, tiredness, and weight loss. Here we will look at medical marijuana as a potential treatment for HIV symptoms.

Conventional Treatment for HIV

The ARV (antiretroviral) drugs have traditionally been the major solution in managing HIV and its symptoms. Initially, many patients were changing or canceling their treatment due to the adverse effects associated with ARVs. Some of the more severe risks include cardiovascular effects, liver damage, bone loss, depression or serious skin conditions.

It is, however, important to bear in mind that most pharmaceutical drugs have potential side effects. Moreover, ARV treatment regimens are more defined now as compared to the past days. According to the recent studies, only less than 10 percent of patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy today are likely to experience treatment-limiting reactions.

However, even though antiretroviral drugs help doctors treat HIV, the presence of other ailments in the patient (such as alcoholism, hepatitis) and concurrent drug treatments can potentially increase the chances of the patient suffering from adverse reactions to ARV drugs.

Marijuana and HIV Symptoms

Disadvantages of Using ARVs

The major downside of antiretroviral drugs is that they lack the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. On the other hand, CBD (medical cannabis) provides a clear advantage in this area over the traditional treatment.

Studies from Harvard University reveal that about 40% of HIV infections lead to some form of brain impairment. The common impairment is referred to as mild neurocognitive disorder (MND), and the other one is HIV-associated cognitive impairment (HAND). These conditions affect decision-making, learning, behavior, and memory function as well as some potential loss of coordination.

Apart from treating HIV symptoms, research has shown that cannabis compounds are effective in protecting the brain, unlike ARV medication. The two main cannabinoids, CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) suppress leukocyte responses, which helps prevent brain inflammation.

Brain inflammation can lead to huge implications, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and numerous other ailments.

Protection against Heart Disease

Related aging effects and chronic inflammation are often associated with early heart conditions in HIV patients. Studies have also shown that the same occurs with conventional ARV medication. Therefore, using CBD for HIV treatment can potentially help overcome such implications.

Other Benefits

Apart from the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has plenty of additional health benefits. These include:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antiepileptic
  • Analgesic
  • Antiemetic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Anti-ischemic
  • Anxiolytic
  • Antidiabetic


Overall, CBD (medical cannabis) offers several medical benefits besides treating HIV symptoms. Moreover, there are ongoing studies on the effectiveness of CBD treatment of cancer, since some studies have demonstrated that it can damage certain cancer cells. This means that cannabidiol (CBD) offers a wide range of health benefits as it has the ability to relieve the symptoms of several diseases.


Man Rolling THC

Are the effects positive or not for you?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the major components of marijuana. As you may know, it is a psychoactive compound that causes “high” in cannabis. Consequently, many people consider it a substance that is no better than heroin or other hard drugs. Some believe that using marijuana can potentially lead to injecting heroin and eventually abuse of other drugs. However, there is no scientific proof or study that suggest whether this argument is true or not.

There are three types of marijuana plants, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Sativa and Indica have been there for years, but the Hybrid is a new type of the plant. The first two types have distinct characteristics.


This type has broader leaves and is dark in color. Indica has a mellow, calming effect and it primarily works on the entire body. The plant has higher levels of CBN, CBD, and 20 percent THC as compared to Sativa, which are responsible for its calming and relaxing effect.

As the name suggests, Indica is a powerful strain that originates from a region near Afghanistan known as Hindu ‘Kush’. With the low temperatures in the area, the plant developed a thick layer of resin on its leaves for protection against the harsh weather conditions. The strain has three types that include Grandaddy Purple, Northern Lights, and Purple Haze.


Sativa has narrower leaves as compared to Indica marijuana and is lighter green in color. The strain works on the mind as it is energizing and uplifting leading to a feeling of euphoria. Apart from narrow leaves, the strain has loose branches and grows up to about 20 feet tall. The strain is ideal for daytime use due to its energizing effect. Moreover, the plant has a very different Cannabinoid breakdown as compared to Indica marijuana.

The other notable difference in characteristics is the level of THC. It has high levels of THC, which are responsible for uplifting and energizing effects. In addition, it has low levels of CBN and CBD. Types of Sativa Marijuana include Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer.


As the name suggests, Hybrid strain is a hybrid since seeds from different plants and different areas are cross-pollinated to produce a plant with all the excellent characteristics from both plants.

THC Health Benefits

A study done in the 1970s revealed that THC helps relieve inner eye pressure. Besides, it also prevents blindness and slows the progression of Glaucoma. THC controls excitability, which helps reduce seizures. It also decreases depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress and also slows progression of Alzheimer’s disease as it blocks the Amyloid Plaques and helps prevents brain cells from being destroyed.

The Bad Effects of Using Marijuana

Most marijuana users believe that it is a natural product with no adverse effects. However, according to research, there are some bad things associated with smoking marijuana.

If you have no underlying mental problems, smoking it in a controlled manner without abusing it should not lead to any issues. Nevertheless, smoking too much could lead to problems for someone who has already been diagnosed with a mental condition. This means if you are anxious or depressed, using THC aggravates the condition and even causes psychosis.

Researchers are working on making new strains that are stronger and THC-rich resins is the latest rage. Other includes Soft Solid Wax, Hash Oil and Shatter, which very strong and looks like a chunk of glass.

Mental Effects

One of the major negative effects of smoking marijuana is paranoia and hallucinations are common to “pot” smokers. Studies have also shown that smoking marijuana can potentially exacerbate the symptoms for people suffering from Schizophrenia, but there is no scientific evidence that THC causes Schizophrenia.

Moreover, some people believe smoking marijuana may lead to anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, but others say it is a cure. The research is however ongoing.

Physical Effects

The physical effects depend on the amount of marijuana that you are smoking. Therefore, it can cause breathing difficulties or even a nasty cough. Some studies have shown that smoking marijuana can also lead to an increase in heart rate for a few hours (about 3 hours). This can result in palpitations, heart attack and panic attacks. It is also advisable to avoid smoking marijuana during pregnancy period as this can affect the brain development of the unborn baby.


Overall, when it comes to Marijuana and THC, there are more benefits than negative effects. However, research is still ongoing that is likely to come up with more answers to address all the concerns that you might have.


Trump Signs the 2018 Farm Bill to Legalize Industrial Hemp

President Trump has signed the much-awaited 2018 Farm Bill into law, which seeks to legalize industrial hemp as well as its derivatives across the entire country.

The Farm Bill features an amendment to the $867 billion bill that was originally introduced by Mitch McConnell (Senate Majority, R-Kentucky). With the signing of the new bill on Thursday, hemp and its derivatives such as cannabidiol (CBD) have officially been removed from Controlled Substances Act category.

However, the legalization of industrial hemp had to overcome some hurdles since some lawmakers were opposed to it. One clause was also introduced into the Farm Bill that targets individuals who have been convicted of a felony that relates to a controlled substance. The new provision states that these individuals should not engage in the hemp industry for 10 years after the conviction.

Before becoming law, the 2018 Farm Bill went through a number of challenges. First, both houses of Congress missed the initial deadlines to pass the bill. This was due bipartisan disagreements over amendments to the federal food stamp program. However, the two houses were able to pass the bill but in separate versions, which were unified later after the midterm elections. The bill was required to pass in both houses after being unified, which was achieved in record time.

Thursday marked a historic moment as the signing of the bill by President Trump cleared the doubt that was left. According to Deputy Director for NORML, Paul Armentano, the latest legal development offers some benefits that cannot be overlooked. It marks the first classification of the cannabis plant under the federal law, since the 1970 classification of the plant by Congress as a schedule I controlled substance.  Besides, it also paves the way for the federally sanctioned growing of hemp for commercial purpose since World War II.

Apart from signing the Bill, the president has also commended the GOP-backed food stamp changes whose target was to add work requirements to the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP).

However, these provisions were eliminated from the final draft of the bill, but Trump decided to assent to the bill after the reassurance by Sonny Perdue (U.S Secretary of Agriculture) that the reforms under the program would be addressed through a regulatory oversight rather than the Congress. The oversight should not affect the language of hemp legalization.

Finally, it is expected that the legalization of industrial hemp will spur great research related to hemp derivatives, including CBD and other cannabinoids. It will also allow business loans and insurance for hemp farmers to continue at full speed.


California Regulators Approves Cannabis Delivery Services across the State

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) of California has approved the delivery of cannabis products across all the regions within the state. According to NBC San Diego, the approval includes delivery to even the areas where there are local bans on the sale of cannabis.

Some law enforcement groups and the California League of Cities have protested the latest development, mainly because the new move affects jurisdictions where there is a ban on cannabis sales.

However, the bureau has defended their decision by arguing that the adult-use legalization initiative in California allows for deliveries across the entire state under Proposition 64. Several law enforcement officials have threatened to arrest licensed drivers who are caught making deliveries in jurisdictions with banned cannabis sales. With this uncertainty, the BCC should have added explicit language as a way of addressing the concern and quelling the fears in the industry.

On the other hand, supporters feel that cannabis products deliveries should also be made in areas with the ban on cannabis sale since disabled or sick patients need the products for their medication. The group also argues that traveling to the nearest dispensary can be a multi-hour drive since California is among the most extensive states in the US.

Finally, the California League of Cities has stated that it will wait before deciding whether to proceed with their opposition of the approval or not to see if the Office of Administrative Law intervenes. However, unless there is an intervention by the Office of Administrative law in California, the new rules will be law in 30 days even with the opposition.


Mr. & Mrs. Garin Heslop

How we started and where we are going

MedCare Farms is a dynamic company in the cannabis industry that was established in 2009 by husband and wife and is still owned by the couple. It specializes in producing premium cannabis flowers for medicinal patients and recreational. The duo (husband and wife) thought of the idea after experiencing the healing effects of medical cannabis firsthand.

Garin, the husband and CEO/Chairman, was in involved in a severe motorcycle accident in 2008 that left him with chronic pain. While undergoing his treatment, Garin realized that the prescribed pharmaceuticals were slowly changing who he was and had significantly depleted his quality of life. He then decided to turn to medical marijuana as an alternative treatment where he found the relief that he was looking for without experiencing any of the side effects.

The new-found interest turned into a mission, and the duo established MedCare Farms and consolidated all their efforts and resources on making medical cannabis available to as many people as possible.

Consequently, we have developed unique indoor cultivation techniques. The proprietary methods coupled with our strain vetting and development enables us to produce craft connoisseur-grade cannabis while maintaining consistency and high yields.

We are also a mission-driven company, and one of our primary objectives is to set the standards in the cannabis market. Moreover, we are focused on ensuring that we build a business that infuses high standards in all aspects of our company. We also have a target of making sure that we become a leader in the community and offer an unmatched contribution to the overall wellbeing of as many people as possible.

Besides, we also aspire to provide the highest overall quality experience to both recreational and medical consumers. We also boast of our knowledgeable, professional and most importantly dedicated staff that is always ready to educate, assist and inspire all the needs of our consumers and distributors. Customers’ satisfaction is our yardstick in measuring the level of success in fulfilling our vision, thus at MedCare Farms quality is part of our mentality.

Apart from cultivation, we are also expanding into distribution and eventually also venture into manufacturing. Consequently, we are the first firm to receive a distribution permit in Riverside County. With the expansion into the three areas, many career opportunities are coming shortly.

Finally, we also strive to educate the community continuously on the benefits while proving that individuals who use cannabis can be successful and productive members of society. We intend to contribute a portion of our net profits for charity work because we believe that philanthropy is essential. We at MedCare Farms will also continue to focus on expanding our reach to ensure that every patient considers cannabis an alternative to opioids. We are also working on opening our own dispensary soon.