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Introducing Medcare's Farmers Market: 420 Deals for Everyone

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a legend was born. (Actually, it was in the early 1970s in Marin County, but who’s counting?) Back then, an unruly crew of San Rafael high schoolers began a tradition of kicking back after class with their favorite herbal relaxant. The code name they gave their smoke sessions? You guessed it: “420,” which represented the time at which they’d meet up.

Incredibly, the name stuck, spreading through the underground cannabis community like wildfire. Today, 420 is the biggest day in the cannabis world and an internationally recognized cannabis-themed holiday. And to help you properly honor this momentous date, Medcare is hosting a star-studded lineup of 420 deals! We’re calling it our “420 Farmer’s Market,” and you’ll find incredible offers on some of our favorite cannabis products, plus well as can’t-miss in-store events from some truly noteworthy cannabis growers and producers

We’ll share the lineup in a moment but take note: These events take place on the days leading up to 420, so check your calendar and be sure to get here early. And if you really want to score big this 420, don’t forget to sign up for our email list. That way, you’ll be the first to know about these amazing deals and exciting in-store events!

420 Deals: Medcare Farmers Market

medcare farmers market 420 deals 16Friday, April 16: Dreamt In-Store Demo, 4 - 7pm

Recognized as California’s top producers of cannabis-based sleep aids, Dreamt is a fascinating company that’s helped countless satisfied customers get restful sleep. And if you spend $80, you’ll get a pack of Dreamt’s Sleep Gummies for only $1.

Plus: We’re offering a very special Medcare “Curated Sleep Box” for those in our membership program. For the all-inclusive price of $90, it includes:

  • 1/8th Ounce of Medcare Kush and Pen
  • 1 Papa & Barkley THC-Rich Tincture
  • 1 Dreamt Sleep Pen
  • 1 Glass pipe and lighter

medcare farmers market 420 deals 17Saturday, April 17: Papa & Barkley

We’re still finalizing details on this very select promotional event. But you can expect to see a Medcare curated box, as well as special deals on exceptional Papa & Barkley products. Be sure to check our events page for updates. 

medcare farmers market 420 deals 20Sunday, April 18: Cold Fire Concentrates In-Store Demo, 4 - 7pm

Known for their unusual and potent concentrates, Cold Fire will be here demonstrating some of their exceptional products. Guests will be treated to a 2-for-1 deal on Cold Fire Concentrates grams, while supplies last (come early!).

Plus: Spend $80 and get a Fuzzies pre-roll for only $1! Or: Spend $100 and get a Wonderbrett tote and a Fuzzies pre-roll for only $1!

medcare farmers market 420 deals 19Monday, April 19: Alien Lab and Connected In-Store Demo, 3 - 8pm

Today, we host not one but two California-based manufacturers of truly stellar cannabis products. Alien Labs hardly needs an introduction, having brought us Area 41, Moongrown, and other outstanding strains. And Connected Cannabis is no less noteworthy, having won countless awards and introduced numerous legacy strains to the marketplace. 

Guests will be treated to a 2-for-1 deal on live resin grams, while supplies last (come early!).

Plus: We’re offering a very special Medcare “420 Gift Box Sampler” for those in our membership program. Valued at $313, we’re offering this strictly limited-issue collection for only $150 while supplies last.

Tuesday, April 20: Select & Stiiizy In-Store Demo 4-7pm 

We’re celebrating 420 with a bang! In addition to the amazing deals leading up to the big day, we have an amazing Medcare’s Farmers Market going all day on 420! Save big on Medcare products and tons more. Raffles for great prizes and B1G1 deals that can’t be missed. Want more insider knowledge? Stop by on 420, shop now, or sign up for our email list now. (Just scroll down and you'll see the signup on the bottom left!)

Cannabis For Sleep – Does It Work?

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders and one of the most common reasons why people turn to medical marijuana. Poor sleep can have numerous daytime consequences including fatigue, memory problems, impaired concentration, and mood disturbances.

Luckily, research shows that cannabis may be able to promote sleep and alleviate insomnia. Here’s what you need to know about cannabis and sleep.

Cannabis And Sleep: What Does The Science Say?

cannabis and sleep 1THC and CBD, the two most prominent cannabinoids in marijuana, are both believed to promote sleep, but in different ways.

THC is believed to directly induce sleepiness and drowsiness. If you’ve ever come down from a really intense high chances are that you’ve experienced the intense sleepiness associated with the end of a strong buzz. But there’s no need to wait. Certain strains will have you yawning within minutes.

One 2004 study on cannabis and sleep actually found that just 15 mg of THC was enough to induce sleepiness and drowsiness. After just this small dose, test subjects reported feeling sleepy and sedated. THC may also impair the ability to dream, making it a possible treatment for PTSD-related insomnia.

CBD is believed to indirectly influence sleep through its sedating and relaxing effects, especially for those suffering from sleep or pain-related insomnia. CBD’s calming effects can shut down racing thoughts and relax the mind, getting you ready for a good night’s sleep.

Numerous studies have demonstrated CBD’s positive effects in alleviating the anxiety associated with anxiety disorders including social anxiety disorder (SAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more.

These effects have also been associated with improved sleep. A recent study from 2019 found that 79% of subjects who regularly used CBD reported lower anxiety. Additionally, 66% of patients reported an improvement in sleep during the duration of the study.

The MedCare Sleep Box

cannabis and sleep 2Having trouble sleeping? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a cannabis sleep box full of impressive cannabis products designed to help you get the Z’s you need. Here’s what you can find in our new MedCare Sleep Box.

The Dreamt Sleep Pen is a unique and innovative vape pen that is already turning heads and winning awards. Each dose delivers roughly 5 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD, as well as valerian root, melatonin, and terpenes – combining the therapeutic powers of both cannabinoids and herbal medicine to improve sleep.

The MedCare Sleep Box also contains a Papa and Barkley 1:3 THC-rich Tincture. Papa and Barkley’s award-winning tinctures are fast-acting and effective. Handcrafted, chemical-free, and easy to dose, this tincture is the perfect addition to your nighttime routine.

medcare kushOur sleep box also contains ⅛ (3.5 grams) of our signature MedCare Kush. This unique indica has been carefully selected for its sedating properties and full-body indica buzz. If you’re looking for the perfect nighttime strain, you’ve found it!

And last but not least, our sleep box includes our MedCare Kush disposable vape pen. Many people find vape pens to be more convenient for falling asleep since vaping from your bed produces less smell and, of course, no smoke. Tuck one of these away in your nightstand for whenever you find yourself unable to sleep.

Stop in and ask your cashier for a sleep box and sleep better tonight!

imperfects indoor grow

Product Spotlight: MedCare Farms Imperfects

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes us. And you know what? We’re pretty proud of it! That’s why today we’d like to put the spotlight on one of our new and most imperfect products, our MedCare Farms Imperfects

imperfectsWhat Are MedCare Farms Imperfects?

MedCare Farms is dedicated to only providing our customers with the best cannabis possible. But sometimes even we fall short of our lofty standards. That’s why we’re excited to introduce MedCare Farms Imperfects – our perfectly imperfect flower buds that didn’t quite make the cut. Now you can enjoy some of our imperfect buds at some truly affordable prices. But just because they’re not perfect doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome! 

You can rest assured that our imperfect buds are pure, potent, and tasty. All of our cannabis flowers are grown indoors without the use of pesticides. And of course, whether perfect or imperfect, all of our flowers are cultivated with the same passion and meticulous craftsmanship that we’ve always shown towards growing cannabis

Expert Growers, Premium Flower

Our impressive cannabis flower is grown by us in our indoor facility using proprietary and sustainable growing practices. Our controlled growing environment makes use of state-of-the-art growing equipment and techniques like UV lights, air scrubbers, and CO2 gas implementation. Additionally, our temperature-controlled water and optimum nutrient control systems work to make sure that we pump out consistently high-quality flowers with each and every harvest. 

Our hand-trimmed buds also undergo a slow-dry curing process that is designed to maximize potency and terpenes. Our buds dry and cure for a minimum of 28 days before we even begin to think about packaging them. 

Love craft strains? Every one of our strains has been carefully vetted through multiple runs of phenotype fine-tuning in order to produce the most potent and flavorful cannabis buds possible. Yes, even our imperfect strains!

MedCare Farm Imperfects 

Our imperfect buds are available now in our store at a very affordable price point. Available in three different strains, you can now grab an ⅛ (3.5 grams) of our imperfect buds for just $29.41. Our current available imperfect strains are:

Order online or stop by our Lake Elsinore dispensary to grab some for yourself.