Bernie Sanders Shares Marijuana Legalization Plans

Marijuana Legalization Plans


In America today, the spotlight is on the 202 Democratic presidential primary race, and cannabis reforms are not left behind. This has forced the candidates to narrow their focus when starting their policies on these platforms.

Bernie Sanders released a plan for legalizing marijuana at the federal level and institute restriction on Big Tobacco earlier this week. Over the years, Sanders has been a staunch supporter of marijuana reforms. In the plan, Sanders is introducing his policy goals of social equity and small business development.

Sanders said that if he is elected, he is going to end the destructive war on drugs by legalizing marijuana. The war on Cannabis usually targets the disproportionate communities, minority groups, and people of color leading the loss or destruction of millions of American lives. He further added that if elected, his government is going to root out greedy and corrupt organizations and officials while making sure that those that are affected by the war on drugs are the first to benefit from marijuana legalization.

Among the top three candidates vying for presidency under Democrats is Sanders, who is preceded by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, CNN polls. When talking about the infamous marijuana, Warren policy plans on using an executive order to remove cannabis from the category of illegal substances.

Earlier this week, Sander’s plan stated that revenues raised from the sale of marijuana would be allotted to communities that most affected by the war on drugs. $20 billion would be assigned to provide loans to black entrepreneurs who discriminated against accessing capital. It will also provide loans for marijuana ex-convict since they want to start a business. His plan also aims to promote trade in the disproportionate areas and avail training to formerly incarcerated individuals so that they can secure jobs effortlessly.

In his legalization plan, Sanders will also remove drug testing requirements from public benefits to ensure that people using marijuana will not be evicted from public housing. Besides, when it comes to immigration, he will abolish the consequences of a marijuana-related record. Sanders will also work on improving economic growth through the cooperation and collective efforts of non-profit businesses. He will also institute franchise caps and market share to prevent monopolization and profiteering by big corporations.

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