Can Using Weed Help with PTSD?

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Can Using Weed Help with PTSD? 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) occurs when a person has gone through a traumatic experience. These experiences leave a lasting mark that causes you to have anxiety. PTSD can be brought on by abuse, whether emotional, physical, or sexual, at any age. You can also get if, after surviving a tragic accident, a violent experience like war, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. 

After a traumatic event, you may start displaying symptoms of PTSD, which include dissociative amnesia, walking around in a haze, depersonalization, and even extreme detachment from all these close to you. The persistence of these symptoms past four weeks is PTSD. 

Many people who suffer from anxiety disorder fall prey to substance abuse. When you have PTSD, you are most likely to venture down a similar path. You may attempt to self-medicate to relieve stress and anxiety, which may lead to addiction due to long-term use. 

More research is being conducted to determine the effectiveness of the use of cannabinoids to treat PTSD. Marijuana can be addictive to people with PTSD, but it is hard to ignore the benefits. The legalization of weed in many states has led to increased use of medical cannabinoids in the treatment of different ailments, including anxiety disorders like PTSD. 

More people are using weed for medical reasons. The cannabinoids (tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabidiol or CBD) found in cannabis can be used to help the brain change its mechanism of storing memories. Most PTSD symptoms like lack of sleep, anxiety, and nightmares can be controlled with the use of pot. Therefore, you can finally enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long time by taking some marijuana. 

There is still a need for more research to be conducted, and many health professionals are hesitant to prescribe pot to patients who have PTSD. Most of the available research today was conducted on veterans of war. A large population of them suffers from PTSD as a result of spending years in combat. 

With the lifting of legal restrictions associated with weed, there hope for more studies taking part to shed light on the use of medical marijuana. It could open doors for more recommendations by doctors, including prescriptions, to avoid over-dosing. Over-dosing is a common problem in the use of weed due to a lack of clear information on just how much to use. 

The use of substances, including weed, is prevalent among people who have faced traumatic experiences. You can use it to numb the pain and momentarily escape your nightmares. A human body produces cannabinoids, which are receptors of cannabinoids present in your brain and body. 

Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant have similar structural components as these endogenous cannabinoids in your body. When the two get into contact, they can interact and affect the biological processes in your body. Medical use of marijuana has shown hope for people who suffer from depression, which can result from PTSD. 

The THC and CBD present in weed can immensely benefit you when suffering from PTSD. CBD is easily accessible and has a less psychoactive effect as compared to THC. 


There are many promising results from research and studies conducted on the effect of weed on PTSD. With reduced legal restrictions, accessibility to marijuana has increased, and with it more knowledge on how it medically benefits users. You can choose to treat some of the symptoms of PTSD, including insomnia and depression, using weed in controlled doses. 

It is important to note that PTSD can result in substance abuse. However, more research is needed to authenticate the treatment of PTSD with marijuana. It is essential because most health professionals don’t legally recognize its use. It is because under federal law, growing and distributing marijuana and marijuana products are still illegal, and many states are yet to legalize it. Until this law is amended, studies on patients by health professionals will always be lacking. 

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