Denmark attracts major Canadian marijuana investments

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Denmark attracts major Canadian marijuana investments


The Danish pharm specialist, NNE, which is a team that offers strategic business consulting on medical cannabis growing, production, and distribution, planted a seed nine months ago. Currently, the team is the consultant for the major marijuana investment (Canadian Atlas’) in Denmark.

In the Danish countryside, greenhouses with mushrooms and tomatoes are being transformed into centers for cannabis growth. This is mainly taking place in the Metropolitan Area in Copenhagen, which is where NNE is located. Some NNE employees came together in a small group a year ago to look for new business opportunities. Three months later, NNE made a tactical move to create an agile marijuana team. The established team offers advice in the investment and development phase before building a facility cannabis production facility.

Jesper Klove, who is the NNE CEO, said that the marijuana team works under the company’s classical operation model. The new NNE team offers consultation from growing, producing to distributing. The team first identifies the commercial basis of the client and acts as advisors through investor meetings. NNE can further help the company establish the business if the investor chooses to invest in a marijuana project.

The NNE marijuana team is readily equipped with experience from dealing with over 25 medical marijuana projects. NNE keeps enjoying success when spreading cannabis investment knowledge from Canada to other parts of Europe. Christian Carlsen, the NNE Business Director, said that they do not focus on the engineering prowess but instead offer commercial onset advice to companies.

An example of NNE achievement is the Atlas investment in Funen, Denmark. The cannabis investment team has offered advice from the first phrases, including the geo-location choice for Atlas’. NNE now continues with consulting services which will lead to hundreds of new jobs to come from the investment.

It is no coincidence that the European market including the international companies choose Denmark, as the investment forefront. The strong pharma sector and regulatory framework are the main factors. The Invest in Denmark investment manager Michael Prytz explained that “Denmark is blessed with many competitive structural advantages. A clear and unique medical cannabis legislative framework, pharma prowess, competent workforce, and low energy prices.

The ecosystem in Danish business has partners that are competent, making it easy for foreign investor to cooperate with firms with extensive expertise in acquiring all the necessary approvals, developing facilities for producing marijuana, and ensuring patient safety.

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