Effects of smoking weed on your body

Effects of smoking weed on your body

You may be wondering why some countries ban the use of weed completely, while others are legalizing it. The issue here is due to the negative and positive effects of weed on users.

Marijuana is known to have some benefits, but it may also have some undesirable effects. The harmful effects mainly depend on an individual and the reason why they are using marijuana.

The benefits of using weed are so many that they may outweigh the negative ones. Weed has several medical benefits that could lead to a healthy life; however, improper and irresponsible use can lead to many negative effects.

If you have to use marijuana, vapor is considered the best and safest. Do not lead yourself to addiction; instead, have some limits, and help your body adjust to a small amount of weed intake. 

To guide you on how to control the use of weed, let’s look at both the negative and positive effects of smoking weed on your body.

Positive Effects

1. Stress Relief

Smoking marijuana makes you forget things that could be bothering your mind. As a result, you may feel stress free. 

2. Pain relief

Doctors may recommend the use of marijuana due to its ability to relieve pain. It can be used on cancer and diabetic patients. 

3. Weight loss

Smoking weed can help you lose weight in case of obesity. Although weed increases the appetite, research has shown that weed users experience weight loss. 

4. Treatment of inflammatory diseases

Marijuana may help in cases of inflammation of body parts. The drug blocks off bacteria and other compounds that cause inflammation. 

5. It helps control the abuse of other drugs

Cannabis is considered safer than alcohol. The use of marijuana can help you fight alcoholism. 

6. Prevention of diseases 

Weed can protect your body from acquiring diseases such as diabetes. 

7. Protection from bloating

Smoking weed will help your body eliminate cases of inflammatory bowel. Weed products decrease intestinal permeability blocking the entry of bacteria.

8. Increase in appetite

Loss of appetite can be a great danger to you. Smoking weed increases the urge for food and may help you solve your appetite problems. 

9. If used medically, it can help with glaucoma

In case of glaucoma, weed can be used to relieve the pressure on the eyeballs. 

10. It gives you a good feeling

Weed can make you feel relaxed and happy when doing things. These things include playing games and having sex. 


If you are a beginner, do not make quick decisions. First, think critically about the effects that weed could have on your body. It could be harmful to your health. 

Secondly, let not peer pressure lead you to the trap of being an addict. If you have to use weed, do it responsibly, do not have others to blame. 

Weed could have several health benefits as it could help with various diseases. In case the doctor prescribes weed to you, you can go ahead and have it. 




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