Fifteen Companies Selling CBD Products Receive Warnings

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According to a press release, fifteen companies that were illegally selling CBD products were given warning letters by the United States and Drug Administration (USDA) on November 25. The companies were violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act. 

The USDA also published an amended Consumer Update outlining the CBD safety concerns, which included possible liver illnesses, and interaction with other drugs. 

According to the press release, the companies were illegally marketing CBD products on their websites, online stores, and social media. The CBD products being sold were for treating diseases, dietary supplements, and therapeutic uses. CBD was also infused with human and animal foods. 

The 15 companies that received warning letters include: 

  1. Koi CBD LLC, of Norwalk, California
  2. Pink Collection Inc, Beverly Hills, California 
  3. Whole Leaf Organics LLC, Sherman Oaks, California
  4. Healthy Hemp Strategies LLC, Concord, California. The company was operating as Curapure. 
  5. Organix Industries Inc. San Bernardino. The company was doing business as Plant Organix. California 
  6. Saibai Venture Ltd, Los Angeles, California 
  7. Texas-based Noli Oil, Southlake
  8. Oklahoma-based Natural Native LLC, Norman
  9. Colorado-based Infinite Product Company LLC, Lakewood. The company was operating as Infinite CBD
  10. Oregon-based Apex Hemp Oil LLC, Redmond
  11. New York-based Bella Rose Labs, Brooklyn 
  12. Arizona-based Red Pill Medical Inc., Phoenix
  13. Kentucky-based Daddy Burt LLC, Lexington. Doing business as Daddy Burt Hemp Co. 
  14. Private I Salon LLC based in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
  15. Sunflora Inc., based in Tampa, Florida. The company was conducting business as Your CBD Store

According to the press release, the companies were given 15 working days to issue a response to the USDA on how they plan on correcting their violations. Failure to correct their offenses, the USDA would take legal action against the companies, which include seizure of the products or injunction. 

This is not the first time the USDA is issuing companies with warning letters for violating the FD&C Act. For instance, this summer, Curaleaf received a warning letter for unauthorized products with unsubstantiated health claims such as treatment for cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The company responded to the letter by removing the health claims from the products on their website and social media. 

According to the press release, the FDA is still researching ways through which CBD products can be marked legitimately. The Agency plans on providing the public with an update within the next few weeks. 

In a public statement, the FDA Principal Deputy Commissioner, Amy Abernethy said that as the agency works on regulation for products infused with marijuana and marijuana-derived compounds such as CBD. The agency will uphold its mission, which is to protect, foster innovation, and promote consumer confidence, by persistently monitoring the marketplace and taking action against companies violating the law. Abernethy further said that the agency is concerned because people assume that the FDA has evaluated all the different CBD products in the market and approved their safety, though most of the products are illegal. The FDA has approved only one prescription drug to treat two pediatric disorders. The FDA is concerned that the CBD products might contain contaminants such as pesticides and heavy metal, which are harmful to a person’s health. Abernethy also noted that the public is very interested in CBD. Therefore, the agency must work together with the stakeholders and the marijuana industry to conduct studies on the safety and quality of CBD products. 

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