Florida Representative is in Favor of Decriminalization Bill

Florida Representative is in Favor of Decriminalization Bill


A local ABC News affiliate, WFTS reported that Florida Representative Shervin Jones is supportive of a bill aiming to reduce criminal charges for low-level marijuana possession. The legislation would also ensure eligibility for civil citations or diversion to first-time minor offenders.

WFTS further reported that the current law classifies possession of 20 grams of weed or below as a first-time misdemeanor. However, the law enforcement in the cities and towns in Florida have the option of issuing a civil citation for the possession of 20 gram or less of marijuana. With this bill, Jones aims at creating a more uniform approach.

Speaking to WFTS, Jones said that the state of Florida has the opportunity of being consistent with its cities and towns by ensuring that they are doing everything possible to unclog Florida’s criminal justice system.

Legislative sessions reconvene on 14th January 2020.

Regulate Florida and Make It Legal Florida have been pushing on with their campaigns and gathering signatures that would qualify two separate initiatives on recreational marijuana legal on the 2020 ballot. Regulate Florida’s aim is to legalize recreational marijuana while Make It Legal Florida seeks for medical marijuana dispensaries to be allowed to serve the recreational market.

In November, Make It Legal, Florida announced that it had submitted about 390,000 signed petitions for validation by the Supervisors of Elections.

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