Marijuana likely to be used to treat dementia after the first global experiment ever in Perth

Marijuana and Dementia Treatment


Several home care facilities offering social amenities for aged people are optimistic as the first world study on the effectiveness of Marijuana is about to take place.

The study is set to be held in Perth is aimed at finding out whether Marijuana can help improve the lives of people with dementia. The University of Notre DAM Institute for Research on Health is already calling on those willing to take part in this research that seeks to look for ways to relieve symptoms to join them. Apart from patients, these symptoms also affect their families and friends.

A Marijuana crop is already growing in a Slovenia test center, and it will be used by the scholars to test on its effectiveness in relieving side effects in patients. The mental condition is associated with aggression and agitation, as well as other side effects.

The Marijuana plant is instead processed into a mouth spray to enable patients to take it without any difficulties. Other than calming the extreme effects of Cannabis, the treatment is also seen as a way to improve the appetite of those with dementia.

The test which targets the elderly living in homecare facilities will comprise 50 people who are above the age of 65 years. It is expected to go on for a period of more than 14 months.

Phyllis Grlusich admitted the chance to be part of the study was just irresistible, although she had vehemently opposed the use of illegal drugs in the past. However, the change of heart could be attributed to her present condition, dementia, which needs constant medication.

Phyllis’ son Wayne said his mother had no objection of taking part in the study. According to him, if the research can help relieve the symptoms of dementia, then it needs people like his mum.

In Australia alone, about a half million people have dementia, and close to 50 million people around the world have the condition. However, in the next 40 years, the number of Australians with dementia is expected to double.  

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