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How we started and where we are going

MedCare Farms is a dynamic company in the cannabis industry that was established in 2009 by husband and wife and is still owned by the couple. It specializes in producing premium cannabis flowers for medicinal patients and recreational. The duo (husband and wife) thought of the idea after experiencing the healing effects of medical cannabis firsthand.

Garin, the husband and CEO/Chairman, was in involved in a severe motorcycle accident in 2008 that left him with chronic pain. While undergoing his treatment, Garin realized that the prescribed pharmaceuticals were slowly changing who he was and had significantly depleted his quality of life. He then decided to turn to medical marijuana as an alternative treatment where he found the relief that he was looking for without experiencing any of the side effects.

The new-found interest turned into a mission, and the duo established MedCare Farms and consolidated all their efforts and resources on making medical cannabis available to as many people as possible.

Consequently, we have developed unique indoor cultivation techniques. The proprietary methods coupled with our strain vetting and development enables us to produce craft connoisseur-grade cannabis while maintaining consistency and high yields.

We are also a mission-driven company, and one of our primary objectives is to set the standards in the cannabis market. Moreover, we are focused on ensuring that we build a business that infuses high standards in all aspects of our company. We also have a target of making sure that we become a leader in the community and offer an unmatched contribution to the overall wellbeing of as many people as possible.

Besides, we also aspire to provide the highest overall quality experience to both recreational and medical consumers. We also boast of our knowledgeable, professional and most importantly dedicated staff that is always ready to educate, assist and inspire all the needs of our consumers and distributors. Customers’ satisfaction is our yardstick in measuring the level of success in fulfilling our vision, thus at MedCare Farms quality is part of our mentality.

Apart from cultivation, we are also expanding into distribution and eventually also venture into manufacturing. Consequently, we are the first firm to receive a distribution permit in Riverside County. With the expansion into the three areas, many career opportunities are coming shortly.

Finally, we also strive to educate the community continuously on the benefits while proving that individuals who use cannabis can be successful and productive members of society. We intend to contribute a portion of our net profits for charity work because we believe that philanthropy is essential. We at MedCare Farms will also continue to focus on expanding our reach to ensure that every patient considers cannabis an alternative to opioids. We are also working on opening our own dispensary soon.

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