Platinum has Partnered with Neurotags and Label Impressions Inc. to Provide Businesses with Anti-counterfeit Solutions

Platinum has Partnered with Neurotags and Label Impressions Inc


In a press release, Platinum announced that it is has partnered with Label Impressions Inc. and Neurotags to provide businesses with anti-counterfeit, pre- and post-purchase marketing know-hows for a new line of products in Platinum. Platinum manufacturer’s ingestible marijuana products, and it is based in Southern California. Labe Impressions Inc. provides flexible packaging and printing of labels. The packaging of the Platinum line of products will include Neurotags QR codes before the end of the fourth quarter of 2019.

During the recent vaping related ling injuries, counterfeit marijuana products were identified as the main culprits. Platinum is a prominent brand in the marijuana industry, and it came up with the anti-counterfeit tags as a solution against counterfeit products. The company is hopeful that its collaboration with Label Impressions Inc. and Neurotags will set an example for other companies to develop new practices meant to promote the industry.

The CEO of Platinum Cody Sadler said that the partnership is a win-win situation for everyone. He also noted that apart from identifying counterfeiters, they are also leading by example. He further stated that other can companies could learn from them about how they implemented a new, fool-proof strategy for safe marijuana storage as well as finding new ways to connect with the customers.

 The CEO of Label Impressions, Inc. Jeff Salisbury said that the California Regulated Vape Coalition vowed to find a solution on the counterfeit drugs after the vape outbreak before Jan 1, 2020. He also added and said that together with Platinum, they wanted to find a solution before the deadline, 1st January.

Neuro Tags is an AI monitored serialization system that digitizes physical products to provide an integrated solution for supply chain monitoring, anti-counterfeiting, and consumer marketing. Neuro Tags assists retailers and consumers in identifying legitimate products and delivering pre and post-purchase marketing.

Customers can quickly scan each Platinum product using their smartphone as the products will bearing a unique Neuro Tag QR code. You do not have to download an app because you need to scan the open system, Neuro Tags can authenticate products and provide customers with a pre-purchase information experience. After purchasing the products, customers can earn loyalty points or their incentives by scanning the code. First-time customers are also requested to supply their email address giving the company direct access to their customers.

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