Preclinical Trials Show that CBG is More Effective on Stomach and Bone Cancer than CBGA

Preclinical Trials Show that CBG is More Effective on Stomach and Bone Cancer than CBGA


Cannabis Pharmaceutical Inc. announced that the preliminary finding from the preclinical study held at the company’s High Throughput Screening (HTS) lab facility in Israel revealed that Cannabinoid Cannabigerol (CBG) has more significant tumor healing effects on bone cancer and human stomach than its acidic form of the compound, CBGA. Cannabics Pharmaceutical Inc. is a leader in the development of personalized cannabinoid medicine on cancer and its side effects. 

CBG is found in the raw marijuana plant, and it is non-psychoactive. It is referred to as the “mother” cannabinoid because other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC, CBN, and THC are synthesized from the compound. CBG can be used as an anti-inflammatory and can also act as an antibacterial agent. 

During the experiments, CBG and CBGA were used on cancer cells to test their necrotic effects, and the screen showed that CBG induced necrotic impact on the cancer cell while CBGA did not have any effect. 

Previously the company had researched the effects of different cannabinoids on human cancer cells obtained from fresh biopsies and cell lines. 

Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Inc’s research findings show that in the future, after doing more research, it could provide patients with an extensive and thoroughly personalized report advising them on cannabinoid medicine therapy procedures to adopt in order to maximize the treatment outcome. 

Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Inc. head of Cannabidiol Research at Dr. Yaakov Waksman said that because off its potential therapeutic properties, CBG is gaining traction within the scientific community. He also noted that the recent preliminary finding on the anti-tumor effects of entourage effects of plant extracts versus purified compounds. 

Cannabis Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a public company in the United States. The company is known for developing a platform where new drug-screening equipment and artificial intelligence are used to create personalized cancer therapies for patients. The company is also helping move cannabinoids into the future of cancer therapy by developing tolls that assets the effectiveness of the cannabinoids. The company’s research and development center is based in Israel, and they are licensed by the Health Ministry to conduct scientific and clinical trials on cannabinoid formulations and cancer. 

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