Presidential Candidates Plans to Increase Veteran Access to Medical Marijuana to Commemorate Veterans’ Day

Presidential Candidates Plans to Increase Veteran Access


According to Forbes, presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg have included plans to increase access to medical marijuana for Veterans in their plans as a way to celebrate Veterans Day.

Sander’s plan would ensure that there is an option of prescribing medical marijuana to the patients by the Veterans Affairs (VA). It would also ensure that former military officers charged for possessing or using marijuana can apply for a discharge upgrade to receive all VA services and benefits.

In his announcement, Sanders wrote that it is the responsibility of the nation to provide those who defend its people and provide the country with the best quality care. He further said that if elected as the president, he will strive to ensure that all veterans receive their benefits without delays. Sanders also said that instead of privatizing the VA, he would ensure that it is expanded and improved.

Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, in her announcement, said that her three brothers are former military officers. She also said that she was in favor of the legalization of marijuana and the expansion of programs created to provide treatment to veterans with behavioral issues due to trauma.

In April, Warren, together with Senator Cory Gardener, reintroduced the STATES Act, which is meant to protect marijuana programs in the legal states. Warren is also a co-supporter of a bill that would push for research on the use of medical marijuana as an alternative to opioid prescriptions when providing treatment to veterans.

She further said that every alternative treatment and response should be evidence-based.

Pete Buttigieg is the major of South Bend, Indiana and he is also a veteran. In his plan, he pledges to support that empowers Veteran Affairs physicians to prescribe medical marijuana when treating the veterans, while still adhering to the laws of the states where marijuana is legal.

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