Rad Source Technologies Launches New Cannabis Remediation Technology

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Rad Source Technologies Launches New Cannabis Remediation Technology


Rad Source Technologies, Inc. has recently introduced technology to control mold, mildew, aspergillus, and pathogens in cannabis production.

The RS 420 Cannabis Photonic Decontamination units by QUASTAR show no adverse effects on the cannabis product while annihilating the mold, mildew, aspergillus, and pathogens. This technology is an improvement on the standard of how bandwidth mitigation measures used by a variety of industries.

Industries such as the International Atomic Energy Agency use the technology. Within the US, the technology is applied via the treatment of blood (GVHD), Sterile Insect Technique, and Phytosanitary Research. Rad source has distributed 500 machines globally in various research fields.

George Terry, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Rad Source, stated that the technology is geared towards providing a lasting solution to mitigate marijuana product losses and enhance production.

Canada and the Netherlands have acclaimed the use of the technology in their medical-grade cannabis industry for many years. With more American states approving cannabis operations, the technology is quickly attaining market share and interest in the United States.

Rad Source’s technology is not only the most effective decontamination technique, but it also leaves the flower integrity, plant appearance, cannabinoids, and terpene levels intact. What’s more, the RS 420 is one of the most straightforward and safest machines to operate.

The RS 420 is a reliable individual unit compatible with conventional 220-volt electrical systems. In hours, this machine can process 2, 5, or 50 pounds of cannabis. These ranges hinge on the target amount as well as the unit utilized. You can acquire financing from an approved Rad Source leasing partner.

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