Recreational Marijuana to be Delivered in Maine


On March 2, Portland Press Herald reported that lawmakers in Maine voted in favor of allowing licensing of recreational marijuana delivery businesses.

The legislation allowing the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy to create a recreational marijuana delivery license was approved by the legislative committee that oversees Maine’s recreational market, the news outlet reported.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the sale of recreational cannabis through vending machines, drive-through, online sites, and delivery services was banned by the lawmakers during their rewrite of the initiative that was approved by the voters in 2016, legalizing recreational marijuana in Maine. However, medical marijuana businesses are always allowed to deliver products to thee patients.

The Portland Press Herald further reported that when the Legislation (L.D 1621) was first proposed by the Senate President, Troy Jackson, the opposition argued that the bills approval would force the Office of Marijuana Policy to amend its regulations governing licensing, and this would ultimately delay the launch of recreational marijuana market in Maine.

The news outlet further reported that the committee vote could signal a change in the issue of recreational marijuana delivery business. The bill supporters garnered more votes because it had an amendment that prohibited home deliveries past 7 p.m. The Legislation was approved in a majority vote of 7-3, the news outlet reported.