Technological Advancement in the Cannabis Sector

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Technological Advancement in the Cannabis Sector


In the marijuana industry today, medical cannabis occupies the largest segment in the whole sector. This is due to the increased use of marijuana as an alternative form of treatment. Evidence from researchers shows that ailments such as Alzheimer’s cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s can be treated using marijuana. However, continued advancements in the industry raises significant safety concerns on the road and in the places of work.

With time, recreational marijuana is expected to overtake medical marijuana in the cannabis industry. A variety of cannabis-based products such as flowers, concentrates, extracts, and edibles are available in the market for recreational purposes. Therefore, the number of consumers purchasing recreational marijuana products is increasing rapidly in Canada and the legal states in the U.S, leading to recreational market maturity.

Usually, recreational marijuana consumers seek to find products with significant amounts of THC that offer a potent effect.  The most popular among the consumers are concentrates and extracts because of their ability to provide the consumer with immediate high effect. However, due to the likelihood of marijuana abuse, producers of recreational marijuana are facing criticism from law enforcement agencies and political officials.

The regulatory authorities’ primary concern is impaired driving while companies’ and parents’ fear is based on the potential of marijuana misuse. Therefore, companies have developed innovative technology to ease their concerns and co-operate with the regulatory authorities, business, and parents.

Marijuana consumption can sometimes result in criminal activities, and to mitigate this, companies have developed technologies for law enforcement agencies.

THC breathalyzers developed for law enforcement agencies in the legal marijuana states is one of the most innovative technology. Regulators are positive that the technological advancement of THC breathalyzers will assist in reducing the number of accidents caused by impaired driving.

Research conducted by the National Institute shows that marijuana can affect judgement, movement, and the speed with which one reacts to an incident.

Understanding the needs of the cannabis industry is essential when looking at the impact of technology in the marijuana sector, said Avis Bulybulyan, the CEO of Siva Enterprises.

The marijuana industry is not different from other sectors because it has almost similar needs to other businesses. The only difference is the Schedule One nature and a general misunderstanding of the marijuana plant, which has led to the need for strict compliance and transparency when forming marijuana companies.

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