Strain Profile: Meet Bruce, a Cannabis Strain with a Very Personal Story


Every cannabis strain has a story to tell. It might be the specific phenotypes and other botanical factors that shape its unique qualities and characteristics, or it might be something more personal. That’s certainly the case with Medcare’s new offering: Meet “Bruce,” a cannabis strain with a real story to tell. And if you’ve been seeking cannabis that embodies the qualities of creativity, uplift, and endurance, Bruce may just be your new go-to strain. Here’s its story.

Strain Profile: The Story of Bruce

Medcare’s co-founder and CEO, Garin Heslop, never intended to get into the cannabis industry. Then, in 2008, a devastating motorcycle accident changed the course of his life, leaving him in chronic pain and dependent upon prescription painkillers. It would be a long road back to wellness for Garin, empowered both by the healing potential of medical cannabis and the example of strength and endurance in his own life: His father, Bruce Heslop.

Growing up, Bruce had always been a symbol of strength and resourcefulness for young Garin. As a single dad, Bruce focused on providing opportunities for his son while pushing the limits of his own strength and endurance. It’s this spirit for adventure that led Bruce to try skydiving on Garin’s 18th birthday, where they took a leap of faith together that truly embodied their shared love of crafting a life full of adventure and opportunities.

Bruce also understood the complexities of cannabis cultivation, leading him to develop his own methods of farming and propagation. As a skilled and dedicated grower, it’s all the more fitting that this exceptional new strain takes its name from a man who dedicated his life to stretching boundaries and cultivating one of nature’s great natural medicines.

That’s Bruce the man. What’s Bruce—the strain—all about? The official release of Bruce isn’t till mid-April, but here’s a little sneak peek.

Strain Profile: Bruce, An Aromatic, Creative and Uplifting Offering

Designing and creating cannabis strains is a lengthy and involved process, requiring long months—often years—of painstaking experimentation. Selecting the parent cultivars that would eventually produce the strain called Bruce was no different, but Medcare’s Garin Heslop is confident that the hard work was worth it. “It checks every box,” he says of Medcare’s new offering. “It’s one I’m very proud of, and how it embodies what Bruce meant to me.”

A vibrant and colorful strain, Bruce is characterized by a whoosh of earthy aromas, a cue to its potency and its varied chemical makeup. While the cannabinoid and terpene profiles are still being finalized, Garin Heslop can share this: “It’s a great creative strain, really energizing you and allowing you to zone in and focus.”

Bruce also has a distinct pain-fighting component, a reminder of the life-changing role medical cannabis has played in Garin’s own life: “I really wanted to grow meds I can feel comfortable and confident sharing,” he says, and judging from early tests, Bruce is a knockout in this department too.

How do you get your hands on Bruce? The strain’s release date is tentatively set for May, with a live event at Medcare’s Lake Elsinore dispensary featuring food trucks, commemorative t-shirts, and more. If you’re not already, be sure to sign up for the latest updates, special offers, and news from Medcare Farms. We’re incredibly excited to share this new and very personal strain with you, and we hope you get as much inspiration from it as we do!

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