California Regulators Approves Cannabis Delivery Services across the State

The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) of California has approved the delivery of cannabis products across all the regions within the state. According to NBC San Diego, the approval includes delivery to even the areas where there are local bans on the sale of cannabis.

Some law enforcement groups and the California League of Cities have protested the latest development, mainly because the new move affects jurisdictions where there is a ban on cannabis sales.

However, the bureau has defended their decision by arguing that the adult-use legalization initiative in California allows for deliveries across the entire state under Proposition 64. Several law enforcement officials have threatened to arrest licensed drivers who are caught making deliveries in jurisdictions with banned cannabis sales. With this uncertainty, the BCC should have added explicit language as a way of addressing the concern and quelling the fears in the industry.

On the other hand, supporters feel that cannabis products deliveries should also be made in areas with the ban on cannabis sale since disabled or sick patients need the products for their medication. The group also argues that traveling to the nearest dispensary can be a multi-hour drive since California is among the most extensive states in the US.

Finally, the California League of Cities has stated that it will wait before deciding whether to proceed with their opposition of the approval or not to see if the Office of Administrative Law intervenes. However, unless there is an intervention by the Office of Administrative law in California, the new rules will be law in 30 days even with the opposition.


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