Cannabis Commission Selects 6 Groups to Boost Social Equity Program


Cannabis Commission Selects 6 Groups

As the Cannabis Control Commission continues to build out the first statewide cannabis social equity program, it recently selected six organizations that will be offering technical and financial assistance to prospective investors from communities that have been disproportionately affected by the way on drugs.

The six were selected from 15 applications received and include:

  1. Cannabis Community Care and Research Network – A cannabis education, advocacy, and research group.
  2. Marketing Edge Consulting Group – Assists small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  3. Four Trees Management – A consulting firm on cultivation.
  4. Point7- A woman- owned marijuana investment management consulting firm.
  5. Recreational Consumer Council – A group that educates consumers and advocates for their rights.
  6. Greenlight Business Solutions – Helps clients in navigating through cannabis regulations.

Commissioner Shaleen Title said that with the help of these groups, the Social Equity Program, which is the first by the nation to be implemented statewide, will make sure that the legal marketplace is well accessible to people unfairly impacted, and provide adequate resources that participants require to overcome entry barriers.

This program is a crucial component of the 2017 marijuana law of the state. The law directs the CCC to adopt policies and procedures that promote full participation in the regulated cannabis industry by persons from communities which have been formerly affected disproportionately by cannabis production to impact those communities positively.


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