How to Use Concentrates Correctly: A Step-By-Step Guide


If you’re newer to cannabis, you may have never used concentrates before. These high-potency extracts have tons of advantages, notably their high THC concentration (often reaching 80 percent or more) and incredible flavor. But using concentrates takes a little more effort than just using flower. In this post, we’ll explore how to use cannabis concentrate correctly.

cannabis concentrates

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates Correctly: A Step-By-Step Guide

There’s no single method to consuming cannabis concentrates. Instead, you have a few different options. If you’re trying not to draw attention and want a portable option, vape pens are a great option. But if you want to experience the best flavor and high that concentrates can offer, you may want to consider using a dab rig.

Vaping Concentrates in a Pen

While vape pens were once a rarity reserved for concentrate connoisseurs, that’s no longer the case. In fact, vape pens have become more affordable and accessible than ever before.

If you’re wondering how to use cannabis concentrates in a pen, you’re in luck. It’s actually fairly easy. First, find a compatible vape pen that comes with an empty cartridge for your concentrate. Simply load the pen’s chamber with concentrate and you’re good to go! Some vape pens have unique operating features, like preheating options or fine-tuned temperature control. Your pen should come with operating instructions that will give you a clear picture of its functions.

Once you’re finished vaping your concentrate, remember to clean the chamber! You must clean the chamber out in between each use. If you don’t, you’ll muck up your pen’s internals. As a result, its functionality will decrease over time. Some vape pens work with both flower and concentrate, just be sure you have all the right components to enjoy your favorite Medcare concentrates.

cannabis concentrates

How to Use a Dab Rig

Dab rigs may not be the be-all, end-all of consuming cannabis concentrates. But they’re pretty close.

Dabs provide concentrate enthusiasts with the pinnacle extract experience. They feature unparalleled flavor along with a unique high. Before you can dab, though, you’ll need to learn the method.

First, gather your tools. You’ll need some concentrates, a dab rig, a dab tool, and a torch. Once you’ve assembled your toolkit, you’re ready to go!

  • Step One: gather some concentrate with your dab tool. Then, set it aside for later.
  • Step Two: heat your dab rig’s nail with the torch. Heat until the nail starts to get red hot. Then, remove the torch.
  • Step Three: the next step will take a little bit of experimenting. You’ll want to wait between 30 and 90 seconds for your dab rig to cool. If you take a dab that’s too hot, you may end up in the depths of an uncontrollable coughing fit. You want to dab between 450 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Step Four: apply the concentrate on the dab tool to your hot rig. Inhale deeply and hold the resulting vapor in your lungs for as long as you can. The longer you hold your breath, the greater the effects of a cannabis concentrate.

You’re not done yet! Don’t forget to clean your dab rig after every dab. Use a q-tip or another type of cotton swab to remove any leftover residue.

cannabis concentrates

Learn How to Use Concentrates Correctly with Medcare Farms

Now that you’ve learned how to use cannabis concentrates correctly, you’re ready to try them out for yourself. Stop by our Lake Elsinore dispensary to check out our amazing stock of concentrates or shop online now. And don’t forget that we offer delivery! Enjoy rosin, live resin, wax and more from your favorite brands, like Papa & Barkley, Coldfire, and Alien Labs!


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