Cannabis ETF: An Upcoming Way to Benefit from the Ever-Growing Marijuana Markets

Cannabis ETF

30/ September/ 2019

Stifel, which is an investment bank, estimates that the Cannabis industry could grow its value up to 200 billion dollars in the next decade. This projected growth provides an avenue for investors to make profits making investments in the industry easily.  

A newly launched Global X Cannabis Exchange Trade Fund allows investors to expand their knowledge in the Cannabis industry through a simple and cheaper way. It offers a platform on which the investors can trade and make profits on Cannabis products and companies.

Companies that earn at least 50% of their sales, profits, or assets from Cannabis, either directly or indirectly, are listed on the Cannabis Index in the ETF. These companies include Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, and HEXO.

According to Pedro Palandrani, an analyst at Global X, there exists a unique opportunity in the Cannabis industry that is mainly anchored on the advancements in the use of Cannabis for medicinal and industrial purposes. The industry growth can also be boosted by the increasing efforts being put up to have Cannabis legalized for recreational use. With the changing trend in the regulations, Pedro assumes that many marketers will open up to Cannabis.

The Cannabis market is growing fast; thus, the industry is expected to grow exponentially. ETF is committed to providing cheaper ways for investors to make profits from the growing markets. According to Global X, Cannabis ETF charges relatively low fees, 0.50% or 50% per 10, 000 dollars that is invested per year, hence it is quite cheaper.


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