Chores and To-Dos Looming? Try the Cannabis Focus Boosting Effect


Getting down to finally doing those chores or that work that you’ve been putting off can feel like a real drag. The common stereotype is that cannabis makes people lazy, but believe it or not, sometimes a toke is all you need to get yourself going on that work that’s piled up. Not all cannabis strains will leave you couch-locked. Instead, many people find that cannabis gives them the focus and motivation to make it over the hump and get to work.

Could cannabis really give you that boost of focus and energy that you’re looking for? Here’s what’s up with the THC focus effect and using cannabis for focus.

cannabis focus

Using Cannabis for Focus

Cannabis may increase productivity and focus, but not by directly increasing these things directly in the brain. Instead, the perceived THC focus boost may come from THC’s potential ability to minimize the discomfort and pain that we associate with certain tasks.

If we’ve put off a task for long enough, or we know from past experience that doing it really sucks, then we’re more likely to build up an expectation of mental pain or discomfort when thinking about performing this task. This expectation of having a negative experience can sap our motivation and focus, and push us to put off the task for as long as possible.

Many people have experienced that cannabis is able to break down this mental block, allowing them to get to work much easier. Cannabis can get you in a good mood and make the thought of doing unpleasant work or chores more bearable. Those euphoric and relaxing effects may be just what you need to break down that mental block and push you towards getting to work and finishing out the task.

cannabis focus

Best Cannabis for Focus

When it comes to using cannabis for focus, not all strains can be counted on to give you a productivity boost. In fact, certain strains may do the opposite by producing sedating and deeply relaxing effects that can sometimes leave you couch-locked or just too distracted to focus well.

When trying to find the best THC for focus, it’s important to be mindful of the difference between indica and sativa strains. Sativas are known for their stimulating and energizing mental effects, but indica strains are more known for their calming and sedating physical effects.

cannabis focus

While sativa strains may get you going by stimulating the mind, indica strains may do the complete opposite. That’s why if you’re looking for a THC focus boost, you should try to stick to sativa and sativa-dominant strains, and probably stay away from indicas.

Here are a handful of strains we recommend trying for focus and productivity:

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