Cannabis for Stress: What You Need to Know


Some mental health professionals are sounding the alarm on what they call a ‘mental health crisis’ in America. For many people, the uncertainty, anxiousness, and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led to worsening mental health. Could cannabis be a tool in fighting the mental health crisis and helping Americans improve their mental health.

cannabis for stress

The Importance of Mental Health

The importance of sound mental health cannot be overstated. Good mental health is crucial to enjoying a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. Poor mental health can impair your ability to function and perform daily tasks. Even worse, it can cause a vicious downward spiral where poor mental health creates the conditions for progressively worse mental health.

Additionally, mental stress has been linked to poor physical health as well. For example, stress is known to weaken the immune system and extreme stress can trigger autoimmune diseases.

That’s why it’s important that we not ignore worsening mental health and do everything in our power to feel mentally healthy.

Does Marijuana Work for Stress?

‘Does marijuana work for stress?’ is a question that we often get at our dispensary. Using cannabis for stress may help people to better cope with feelings of anxiousness. Many people rely on cannabis for stress relief, partially due to its calming properties, and partially due to its euphoric and intoxicating properties which can help people to take their mind off stress-inducing thoughts.

Research indicates that CBD may work to minimize stress and may help people suffering from anxiety. For example, one study found that CBD may help people struggling with social anxiety to better perform in public speaking situations. Furthermore, animal studies show that CBD may work to reduce learned fear, potentially making it useful in treating different phobias. Additionally, research also shows that CBD may work to improve sleep in people struggling with anxiety.

cannabis for stress

CBD Dosage for Stress

There’s no perfect CBD dosage for everyone. That’s because your ideal CBD dosage for stress can depend on several factors, including your bodyweight. Additionally, it’s important to understand that different consumption methods have different bioavailability ratings, meaning that some methods may be more efficient than others.

Above all, keep your intake very minimal, especially to start. Finding your ideal dosage for stress will require some experimentation. A good rule of thumb is to start low and go slow. Taking too much CBD at once can make you feel overly sedated and sleepy, and can be wasteful when a smaller dosage may be able to produce the same anxiety-reducing effects. THC’s euphoric and intoxicating effects may also work as a stress-reliever.

THC for Stress

THC can produce feel-good euphoric effects that can temporarily relax your mind and help you forget about what’s stressing you out. However, it’s important to be careful when using THC for stress relief, as ingesting too much THC at once has actually been known to produce feelings of anxiety, and sometimes even paranoia. (Should these feelings happen to you, take a long, deep breath and know that the feeling is temporary. Try watching one of your favorite light and funny shows or step outside for some fresh air and appreciation of the natural world.)

If you’d like to try THC for mental stress and anxiety, make sure to stay away from certain sativa strains which can be overly stimulating, and to be mindful of your dosage. Smaller doses are likely better for managing stress.

cannabis for stress

Cannabis at Medcare Farms

So, does marijuana work for stress? It’s no silver bullet, but it can be a valuable part of your mental health toolbox. Improving your mental health will require you to make changes in your daily life like developing healthy and effective coping strategies, improving your sleep, and changing your diet. That being said, cannabis mental health benefits may be able to give your mental health a boost and could prove to be a useful part of a mental health improvement strategy.

Thinking of using cannabis for stress relief? Stop by our Lake Elsinore dispensary today or browse our online menu right now to shop an impressive selection of premium cannabis products including CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD flower, and more. Can’t make it down to see us? Just place an order for delivery instead!


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