Harvest Health & recreational, Inc. Launches CannaApprove Testing and Safety procedures for Vaping Product

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In a press release, Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. announced that it has launched a new set of testing and safety protocols for THC vape products referred to as CannApprove which is available in their retail outlets. Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. is a vertically integrated marijuana cannabis business with an exceptional standing in America.

The CannaApprove program has strict seed-to-sale quality testing procedures which have been developed and practiced within the past ten years on Harvest products before they are placed on the shelves in their retail outlets. The strict procedures are a testament to the company’s commitments to quality and safety, which serves to enhance the experience of the patients and other consumers across America.

Some of the vape products produced as per the CannaAprove program include Alchemy, Chroma, and Delta 8. They also manufacture Co2lors and CBx. Their stringent measures also apply to ingredients, components, hardware, production process and packing.

The CEO of Harvest, Steve White, said that for the past decade, the company’s primary focus has been of quality and safety of the products. He further said that the company subjects its products to rigorous and standards to ensure that it is providing its customers with quality products. He noted that the company demonstrates exemplary leadership over quality control as they go above in testing their vaping products.


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