How cannabis and CBD can help eliminate the stigma around mental illness

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The use of cannabis and mental health are extremely stigmatized. The mental health issue has affected Americans in millions. Often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and the affected people always choose to stay silent about it because of the stigmatization associated with psychiatric disorders, anxiety, and depression. Olivia Alexander who is an online retailer in Cannabis products and CBD and the founder of Kush Queens recently shared that she was doubtful of leading a team and growing a business while also talking about using cannabis for her mental health. Olivia further stated that it is not easy to survive without marijuana, especially for some dark days.

Cannabis and CBD helped Olivia through her bipolar disorder. She discovered that her life was more productive when using cannabis as compared to the days that she didn’t use it.

Nonetheless, every story has two sides, and that’s according to Dr Elinore F. McCance-Katz, who believes that cannabis poses an excellent risk to mental health. In 2018, the Dr. shared that being a clinical psychiatrist who has specialized in treating addiction cases and people who suffer from substance disorder- Dr Elinore stated that the risk marijuana poses are alarming. The risks tied to marijuana she stated include low IQ and mental illness predisposition, which is something the society should address.

A 2016 study on British kids showed otherwise that the teens who use cannabis did not lose their IQ. The results of the study were conclusive and stated further showed that the loss of IQ was the same between the smokers and none smokers suggesting that there is something else causing IQ drop and marijuana. The conflicting ideology of marijuana can only leave us to weigh on rewards and risks. Mental health is a serious issue, mainly in America, and the recent National Alliance on Mental Health figures are alarming.

The available solutions

 As of now, saying that marijuana can help eliminate mental illness stigma can be an over talk. Nonetheless, the drug has the position to empower and trigger conversations towards healing. Ljubica Kostavic, who is from TRNTO said that there is already a change in how people think about cannabis and CBD. Most people are now inclining towards cannabis to use it for PTSD, anxiety and pain. He further stated that marijuana has been for years used medicine for mental health treatment – federally legalizing marijuana would give a chance of full exploring on its benefits.

With mental health and cannabis use both stigmatized, most people that suffer from the condition remain silent.  


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