The Ultimate Guide to 3 Joint Rolling Techniques: Basic, Cross, and Tulip

The noble joint. Is there any more classic way to spark up? The first recorded use of the term “joint” to refer to a cannabis-based cigarette can be traced to sometime around 1938. But we’d likely been twisting cannabis into papers for centuries before that moment was documented. As an ode to the roll, we’re taking a deep dive into the technique involved in how to roll a joint. Once you learn the basics, we’ll also cover a next-level maneuver: How to roll a cross joint. Finally, we’ll explore the techniques you’ll need to learn how to roll a tulip joint.

how to roll a joint

Basic Fundamentals: How to Roll a Joint

You have to learn to walk before you run. That goes for rolling joints, too. You’ll need to know now to roll a joint before you learn how to roll a cross joint or a tulip joint.

Rolling a traditional joint is straightforward, though it does take practice. Just follow these simple steps to get rolling:

Step 1

Grind Flower: Grinding your buds into a fine powder serves two purposes. First, it makes your joint burn longer and more evenly. It also makes rolling your joint significantly easier.

Step 2

Add Flower to Paper: Lay your paper out flat and run a line of ground flower across it lengthwise. Make sure the flower is distributed evenly!

Step 3

Roll and Seal, then Spark: Roll the joint between your fingers a few times to form the bud into a cylinder. Then, lick the edge of your paper and roll it up as tightly as possible. Once your joint is rolled, spark up and puff!

Still need some help? Check out this popular video tutorial.

how to roll a joint

Next Level: How to Roll a Cross Joint

Anyone who’s seen Pineapple Express is at least tangentially familiar with cross joints. But learning how to roll a cross joint is significantly more difficult than it looks on TV. Still, we think you can do it! To pull off a cross joint, here’s our advice:

Roll the Main Sections Separately: A cross joint has two main sections. You’ll want to roll one larger-sized joint and one very narrow joint.

Poke or Cut a Hole in Main and Cross Sections: Use a household object such as a safety pin or sewing needle to create a hole through the center of each joint. For the larger joint, rock the pin gently in the hole to enlarge it—just enough to get the tip of the small joint in. Gently twist the small joint back and forth through the hole of the larger joint until the small joint is centered horizontally in the middle of the larger joint.

Attach Sections and Patch Hole: Once the two joints are connected, wrap thin strips of joint paper around the intersection of the two joints. The “patch” strips can be made by cutting about a quarter of a joint paper, lengthwise. Lick the glue and wrap around the “incision” areas to seal them from airflow.

Dry and Spark: Since cross joints require a lot of paper, they also need plenty of spit. You’ll want to let your cross joint dry, once you’ve completed it, before you spark it up. Once it’s time to light your cross joint, find a friend… These are made for sharing!

If you need more instruction, check out this guide from the master of cross joints himself, Seth Rogen.

how to roll a joint

Expert Skills: How to Roll a Tulip Joint

Hailing its namesake from Amsterdam, a place famous for both cannabis and tulips, tulip joints boast a notably smooth hit. Learning how to roll a tulip joint is the ultimate joint rolling challenge. You’ll need practice to hone the nimble fingers to pull off this maneuver. Here are our tulip joint rolling tips:

Roll Stem: Twist up a long filter—up to the length of a pencil, if you’re feeling fancy. The filter will act as your joint tulip’s stem.

Create Tulip Bulb: Attach the long ends of two rolling papers by licking the gum strip on one and connecting it to the other.

Fold Corners: Fold one bottom corner of the newly-formed, larger paper to align it with the top edge to create a triangle. Lick and stick the (now two) top edges. The glue side should be inside the triangle.

Create Cone: Now, imagine the triangle is a coffee filter. Open up the large, open side of the triangle (aka, what would be the top of the coffee filter) to form an empty cone.

Fill Cone: Fill your “cone” a little over halfway by gently dropping cannabis inside and carefully shaking it so the flower reaches all the way to the bottom of the triangle.

Attach Tulip Cone to Joint: Once your tulip bulb contains flower, connect it to your “stem” (the joint filter) by placing the stem into the top center of the area with the flower, then squeezing the remaining paper around the stem. To finish, tie the paper to the stem with a piece of waxed thread. Then, fold the extra paper out and away from the stem so it looks like the petals of a tulip, spark, and enjoy!

Need a visual? No worries. This is one of the most difficult types of joints to roll. Check out the full process here.

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