Product Spotlight: MedCare Farms Imperfects


Nobody’s perfect, and that includes us. And you know what? We’re pretty proud of it! That’s why today we’d like to put the spotlight on one of our new and most imperfect products, our MedCare Farms Imperfects

imperfectsWhat Are MedCare Farms Imperfects?

MedCare Farms is dedicated to only providing our customers with the best cannabis possible. But sometimes even we fall short of our lofty standards. That’s why we’re excited to introduce MedCare Farms Imperfects – our perfectly imperfect flower buds that didn’t quite make the cut. Now you can enjoy some of our imperfect buds at some truly affordable prices. But just because they’re not perfect doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome! 

You can rest assured that our imperfect buds are pure, potent, and tasty. All of our cannabis flowers are grown indoors without the use of pesticides. And of course, whether perfect or imperfect, all of our flowers are cultivated with the same passion and meticulous craftsmanship that we’ve always shown towards growing cannabis

Expert Growers, Premium Flower

Our impressive cannabis flower is grown by us in our indoor facility using proprietary and sustainable growing practices. Our controlled growing environment makes use of state-of-the-art growing equipment and techniques like UV lights, air scrubbers, and CO2 gas implementation. Additionally, our temperature-controlled water and optimum nutrient control systems work to make sure that we pump out consistently high-quality flowers with each and every harvest. 

Our hand-trimmed buds also undergo a slow-dry curing process that is designed to maximize potency and terpenes. Our buds dry and cure for a minimum of 28 days before we even begin to think about packaging them. 

Love craft strains? Every one of our strains has been carefully vetted through multiple runs of phenotype fine-tuning in order to produce the most potent and flavorful cannabis buds possible. Yes, even our imperfect strains!

MedCare Farm Imperfects 

Our imperfect buds are available now in our store at a very affordable price point. Available in three different strains, you can now grab an ⅛ (3.5 grams) of our imperfect buds for just $29.41. Our current available imperfect strains are:

Order online or stop by our Lake Elsinore dispensary to grab some for yourself.


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