Lil Wayne Launches a Cannabis Brand

Lil Wayne Launches a Cannabis Brand


Lil Wayne is an artistic guru and a cannabis connoisseur. On December 2nd, in a press release, he announced the launch of a new marijuana brand known as GKUA Ultra Premium. The brand focuses on purity and offers consumers marijuana products that are highly potent and capable of giving them the best high of their lives.  

The GKUA Ultra Premium boasts the best marijuana in the world as it consists of the highest natural concentration of THC. The cannabis brand flowers are obtained from the most skilled farmers. The strains cultivated by the growers are rare, incredibly potent, and finding them is a challenge. 

Lil Wayne said before he used to smoke to get the buzz, but now he smokes for inspiration. And he is sharing GKUA with the world for them to experience the feeling which he has come to love.

GKUA is also celebrating culture and artistic achievements as it aims at providing support to new artists in various fields such as songwriters, musicians, models, fashion designers, dancers, and visual artists by providing them with artistic partnerships that are geared towards promoting the brand as well as the GKUA lifestyle. 

The president and co-founder of GKUA Inc., Beau Golob said that GKUA creates an unprecedented opportunity to mold a marijuana brand that promotes creativity and artistic quests when their products, market knowledge, and their commitments to quality are paired together with Lil Wayne vast fanbase. He further said that leading the company along with Lil Wayne is an honor as well as developing a premium line of products that inspires and boosts consumer’s creativity. It is exciting and historic. 

The company will also be giving out free tickets to their customers to attend the hottest party, which will be held in 2020. The party will be featuring live performances from Lil Wayne and his friends. 

During the launch, the GKUA cannabis brand products will be available in particular dispensaries in Los Angeles. In 2020, the company plans on expanding to other states.

Some of the products include:

  • GKUA ultra Premium Flower known as HOLLYGROVE. It is sourced from experienced cultivators, and it is very potent. 
  • GKUA Ultra Premium Battery Technology which is a ceramic heating element to be used in vaping equipment. It delivers vape in controllable doses to elevates the consumer experience. It is considered as the future of vape.
  • GKUA THC Vape it is extracted using organic inputs. GKUA THC vape oil is tested by independent labs and certified for purity and potency. 
  • GKUA Ultra Premium Concentrates which are very potent and flavorful. The concentrates are extracted from the best marijuana flowers whose THC levels are off-the-chart. 

The selected dispensaries will be giving out to customers Lil Wayne and Gkua posters when they purchase GKUA Ultra Premium products.

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