Massachusetts Vape Ban for Medical Marijuana Patients to be Lifted from November 12

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According to Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commissioner, Jenifer Flanagan, the commission is enforcing policies and at the same time, promoting transparency in its operations.

On Tuesday last week, the Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins ruled and said that the ban on vape products should be terminated on November 12 unless the CCC votes otherwise. He further said that it is the responsibility of the commissioner to create and enforce policies.

The 2019 annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo were held in Boston. Flanagan was among the people on the panelist, and the people in attendance asked her question about Governor Baker’s ban on vaping products and whether the commission is overwhelmed by the current policies.

She discussed in detail about the legality of the vaping products ban and the extent of her support. One of the attendees asked why the commission banned all the vaping products. In response, Flanagan said that she did not ban any product and that the order came from the state’s chief physician; and as a commissioner for the Public Health Department, her work is to enforce.

One of the attendees shouted and said that he does not want to die. Later. He explained that he is a pancreatic cancer survivor who found healing after using vaping products infused with either CBD or THC. The attendees also said that after using marijuana products, he decided to join the industry as a producer of THC and CBD oil.

He further said that he used the products after hearing that CBD could inhibit the growth of cancer cells and also found that it improved his appetite.

Marijuana advocates argue that vaping cartridges are the best method of consuming THC as it is efficient and ensures that you control your dosage. Flanagan also said that the commission does not have sufficient information on vaping products.

 She requested for patience in all aspects of legal marijuana. Moreover, she also said that recreational marijuana has only been legal for 11 months as a remainder to Seth Adler, the moderator, and host of Cannabis Economy podcast. She added that the commission is working on safety and transparency.

Flanagan said that the need to be transparent in their operation is the reason why the growth of the recreational marijuana industry is slow. This is because the commission has to conduct public meetings and oversee multiple agencies.


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