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Exploring the Basics of Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana can be a confusing subject if you are new to the plant. Even though the word marijuana refers to a single plant, Cannabis Sativa, and all marijuana contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD, there is so much more to it. Selective breeding has cultivated a rainbow of different strains that all affect the user differently. Innovators are constantly creating new cannabis products that are absorbed differently, make you feel differently, and which have their own preferred applications. Even the question of whether marijuana is legal or not is all muddled up. Every state has its own stance…

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Exploring the Basics of Marijuana Consumption.

As cannabis becomes more widely embraced, the deeper the niche becomes. As people continue to explore what this group of plants is capable of, both through clinical research and personal experimentation, the demand for more specific products has exploded. For decades we were terrified of THC, but now states are standing up for the substance in defiance of the federal government. When hemp became de-scheduled in the 2018 Farm Bill, we started putting CBD in everything. With cannabis so mainstream, there is finally the possibility to explore the lesser-known cannabinoids, cannabigerol (CBG)…

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THC percentage

It’s Not All About THC Percentage

If you’re a newer cannabis user, chances are you look at one of a strain’s properties more than any other to determine its effects. What’s that trait? THC percentage, of course! It makes sense at first. THC gives cannabis its distinct psychoactive high. That must mean that a higher THC concentration means more powerful marijuana, right? Not exactly. In fact, hundreds of other active ingredients in cannabis plants play a role in determining a strain’s properties. In this post, we’ll dive into exactly what those traits are. Decoding THC Percentage and Its Effects Don’t get us wrong. THC…

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The Lowdown on Adult Recreational Use

With more and more adults living in states that endorse recreational use, the question of whether to try marijuana or not is one we will all face. There isn’t a single answer for everyone. We all have our preferences. Instead of trying to sell you, let’s answer some questions. If you try marijuana what is going to happen? Let’s explore the good things you might experience and look at some of the positive ways that people are using cannabis in their daily lives. To balance things out, we also need to go over some of the possible downsides that could come from using marijuana. What are some of…

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Things To Consider When Thinking About  Medical Marijuana Use

Medical marijuana is on the minds of most Americans in one form or another. A majority of states have legalized marijuana for medicinal uses, with more joining the fold every day. Cannabis is lauded as a cure-all by one side of the fence and an evil plague on the other. So, will this magical plant cure everything or will it destroy the world? The reality lies somewhere in the middle. There are some conditions where patients swear by its effectiveness, and there are others that may have fallen to the hype. Whether medical marijuana could be beneficial to you depends a lot on your personal…

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Understanding What You’re Buying And What Lab Results Mean

Cannabis may be legal in some states, but it is still highly regulated. Any cannabis product that you purchase from a licensed facility will be lab-tested as part of the legal requirements. These tests tell you important details about that particular batch of cannabis if you know how to read it. With one cannabis sample looking identical to another, it can be hard to tell what it is you are getting. These tests help prove that the cannabis you are buying is safe to consume, and it gives a hard number on the potency of the product to help you with dosing. So what are these tests? Why do we…

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What’s the Difference Between Black Market Cannabis and Legal Goods?

Marijuana continues to gain ground in state after state as a legal commodity. Acceptance is spreading with two-thirds of the U.S. in support of recreational cannabis. Yet, legal marijuana has failed to sink the black market sale of the same substance. The seedy underbelly that was once the drug’s only distribution source is still going strong. The black market still has a product to sell and customers to sell it to. So in this time of legal weed sold in an illegal manner, where customers can choose to buy what they like, what separates black market marijuana from the legal stuff? Quality…

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