Medical Marijuana Patients in West Virginia Might Soon Start Accessing Marijuana in Plant Form

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Cumberland Times-News reported that the medical marijuana law in the state of West Virginia has been amended by lawmakers allowing patients to access the plant form of marijuana.

The news outlet further reported that the amendment was part of Senate Bill 339. The bill was a package of regulations that the Department of Health and Human Resources in West Virginia submitted to the legislature for approval. 

Cumberland Times-News further reported that on 5th February, the House of Delegates Judiciary Committee held a meeting to debate on the legislation and the Del. Brandon Steele (R-Raleigh) requested to change the DHHR regulation to allow patients enrolled in the West Virginia medical marijuana program permission to use the plant form of treatment. The motion to amend the legislation was passed through a voice vote.

Medical marijuana was legalized in West Virginia in 2017, and the state’s medical-marijuana program specified that the dispensaries were only allowed to sell pills, oils, topical, tinctures, vaporization, liquids, or transdermal patches to patients, Cumberland Times-News reported. 

The news outlet further reported that although the Senate already approved the legislation, the House of Delegates is slated to vote on the measure, and the Senate must also pass the amendment.

Last year December, the DHHR started accepting applications for marijuana business permits from prospective marijuana cultivators, processors, distributors, and laboratories. However, when medical marijuana was legalized in 2017, the legislation stipulates for the program to be launched on 1st July 2019.

The delay in launching the program can be attributed to the state officials or the struggle to establish a banking solution for the marijuana industry. Last year, Element Federal Credit Union based in South Charleston was awarded a banking contract by Treasurer John Perdue to conduct business with medical marijuana businesses within the state; wholesales are expected to begin in 2021.


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