Two More Licenses for Recreational Marijuana Businesses Issued in Michigan

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Recreational Marijuana Businesses


According to, Michigan regulatory Agency has issued two more licenses for recreational cannabis dispensary to businesses located in Ann Arbor.

“The two dispensaries, Greenstone Provisions, and Arbors Wellness join the list of dispensaries that will be open to serve consumers when the sale of adult-use marijuana is launched on December 1,” the news outlet reported.

The regulatory agency also issued Executive Brands with a cultivation and processing license applications Labs were granted a cannabis testing facility permit, while Real Leaf Solutions were issued with an event organizing license. According to, the Michigan Regulatory Agency still has 69 more permits to be awarded to businesses. It has awarded a cultivation and processing license to PSl lands, which a marijuana testing facility, and also issued Real Leaf Solutions with an event organizer license. Before the new year, the licensing officials expect to have assigned a dozen recreational marijuana businesses with permits.

The regulatory agency started accepting license applications for recreational businesses on November 1. Michigan Regulatory Agency made an announcement mid-November and said that adult-use cannabis sales would be launched on December 1. Medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to transfer half of their inventories to the adult-use market provided that the stock has been in the shop for at least 30 days. Those issued with processing permits can start manufacturing new supply for the recreational market set to launch on December 1.


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