Vape Cartridges Brands Linked with the Lung Illness Outbreak

Vaping Crisis


The patients diagnosed with lung injuries in the recent vaping-related epidemic mentioned having used several brands of vape cartridges. The federal health officials have released a list of the most mentioned brand names.

The investigation conducted by the Centers for Disease control, the USDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and state and local health departments showed that the patients used hundreds of different vape cartridge brands.

Besides, the investigation found that the number of product brands containing THC and were associated with the patients who had suffered from e-cigarette or vaping associated lung illness (EVALI) was 152.

The most common brands reported by patients across the U.S was Dank Vapes. Dank Vapes’ origin is unknown and consists of counter THC-containing products. The Centers for Disease Control has page designated to outbreak updates, and it shows that patients from Northeast and South Dank used Dank Vapes. And, patients from West reported that they used TKO and Smart Cart brands.

On November 8, the federal health official announced that they found vitamin E acetate in the lung fluid of 29 patients who were affected by the vaping-related lung illnesses. The investigation shows that the most likely culprit in the lung injury outbreak is the additive used in black market products. When the epidemic hit the news in September, many people suggested that the products must be from the black market.

The Center for Disease Control maintains that although Vitamin E acetate may be contributing to the lung injuries, it may not be the only factor in the outbreak. Therefore, CDC is cautioning people not to use e-cigarettes or any other vaping products from an unknown source.

As time goes, the number of injuries reported is reducing, but the total number of injuries increase. By December 3, the number of people hospitalized for lung-related illnesses was 2,291 while 48 people were reported to have passed on. The outbreak is felt in all the 50 states, but only 25 states reported deaths.


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