Why Craft Cannabis is the Superior Type of Cannabis


You may have heard the term craft cannabis when talking about gourmet coffee or organic food, but what exactly does it mean? 

With legalization slowly creeping across the country, many people are wondering what the differences are between craft cannabis and commercialized marijuana – and why they should choose craft cannabis over industrialized marijuana. 

What is Craft Cannabis? 

Craft cannabis is a type of cannabis that has been grown with care and attention to detail. It might be a favorite strain or a unique cross between two strains. Whatever it may be, craft cannabis growers take pride in their product and it shows in their final product. 

Craft growers focus on producing quality products from start to finish, from what they grow, process and package. 

Here are a few reasons why craft cannabis is the superior type of cannabis to purchase and consume.

Quality Control

Craft cannabis products have been rigorously tested by experts who know the product well. These testers ensure that there is consistency in production, quality assurance, and strain authenticity before any craft cannabis goes on sale to consumers. 

In addition to testing for mold or other contaminants, these professionals will also test for potency levels as well as cannabinoid ratios to make sure you’re receiving the best possible experience for your money. 

Craft Cannabis Strains in Indoor Growhouse

Experience and Knowledge 

Craft cannabis comes from skilled producers who use only natural growing methods. They’ll usually tell you exactly where their plants came from and how they were grown which means you can get specific information about whether it was grown indoors or outdoors, with soil or hydroponics, etc. 

When the person at the dispensary knows all about their product, then they’re more likely to tell customers which type would work best for their needs. 

Comes in Small Batch Sizes

Craft cannabis is defined as a type of cannabis that is grown, cultivated, and processed by small-scale producers. That means that every batch has its own unique flavor profile and characteristics. 

The marijuana strains that are used to craft cannabis come from all over the world so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a deep inhale and feeling your muscles relax while enjoying some quality time with friends. The best part about craft cannabis? It’s available in small batch sizes which means no matter how many people you’re with there will be enough for everyone to enjoy. 

Grown by Organic Methods – No Fertilizer and Chemical Pesticides

Craft cannabis strains are grown by organic methods, meaning no fertilizers or chemical pesticides are used. This allows for a cleaner and healthier product. 

There are several possible reasons why this might be the case: 

  • The grower doesn’t want to risk the possibility that their product will have to be recalled due to pesticide contamination; 
  • The grower wants to avoid using chemical pesticides because they’re more interested in natural products; 
  • The grower does not want to use chemical pesticides because it interferes with their own health when handling it; 
  • The grower does not want to handle chemicals or risk being exposed to them on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, craft cannabis is less likely than mass-produced cannabis to contain trace amounts of these harmful substances.

Differences in Potency; Craft Cannabis vs. Commercial Cannabis

While it is public perception that the higher the percentage of THC, the better the marijuana strain is, this is not always the case. A recent study found that although marijuana containing a higher percentage of THC boosts blood levels of THC more than double that of conventional weed, it does not necessarily produce a better high.

There are a number of other elements that factor into what constitutes the best kind of marijuana strain including the variation of terpenes, the variation of cannabinoids, and the way the marijuana was grown. More conventional types of marijuana strains are typically mass-produced and rely on the fact that people tend to only look at the THC content before making a purchase.

Craft cannabis offers consumers a product that is produced in small batches, which allows the user to benefit from the all natural growing process. Craft cannabis growers are more invested in what they do than their corporate counterparts. The quality of their products reflects this. As such, craft cannabis users can be sure that the freshness and potency of their product has been taken into account when it comes to cultivation. 


Another good reason why craft cannabis is better than other types of cannabis is that it’s eco-friendly. Craft cannabis growers use organic composts and natural fertilizers like fish emulsion to maximize their potential. 

Craft weed does not contribute to the deforestation that comes with large-scale marijuana farming and has a lower carbon footprint than its corporate counterparts, which means that it’s better for our environment and better for us. 

Explore All Craft Cannabis Strains Have to Offer at Medcare Farms

Cannabis has been around for centuries, but it’s only now that we’re finally able to explore its full potential. It’s not just a drug, it’s a plant with an incredible range of benefits. If you want to get the most out of your cannabis, then craft cannabis is the way to go. 

The reason why craft cannabis is superior to traditional cannabis comes down to five key factors: quality, process, quantity, sustainability, and access. Keep in mind that the place you source your craft cannabis also matters. 

If you are looking for the best strain and reliable cannabis delivery in South California, your best option is Medcare Farms – the leading SoCal weed delivery and cannabis shop.


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