Who We Are.

Founded in 2009, Medcare Farms has quickly become Southern California’s leading craft-cannabis, lifestyle management company. We are a mission, educational, and customer-centric company focused on providing the highest and safest quality cannabis on the market to serve all of our customer’s unique and ever-changing needs.

Medcare’s Cannabis Lifestyle Management: We take pride in providing people a natural, effective and safe alternative to assist in balancing their everyday life. Whether for adult recreational use or consumers more focused on options to support their health and wellness, our products give reliable cannabis solutions.

Our Why.

Improving the quality of life for people near and far through Craft Cannabis.

Meet the Owners: Garin and Kelly Heslop

Medcare Farms was founded by a husband and wife duo after experiencing the life-enhancing effects of medical cannabis firsthand. In 2008 Garin, the husband and Chairman/CEO was in a devastating motorcycle accident that left him in constant pain. Prescribed pharmaceuticals quickly began depleting his quality of life and changing who he was. He turned to medical cannabis as an alternative and immediately found relief without the side effects and constant feeling that he was losing himself. This newfound interest turned into a mission, the couple launched Medcare Farms, and put all their time, energy, and finances into making cannabis available to as many in need as possible.

Meticulous. Innovative. Community Focused.

Medcare Farms is a craft cannabis, life style management destination centrally located in Los Angeles, California. MedCare Farms is wholly dedicated to providing medical and recreational consumers with the highest overall quality, service and innovation in the cannabis industry. We have become an industry leader in proprietary, indoor cultivation techniques, strain development and curated craft connoisseur-grade cannabis.

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