Our Process

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How We Cultivate.

For the past decade we have developed proprietary indoor cultivation techniques, which coupled with our strain development and vetting, allow us to produce craft connoisseur-grade cannabis while maintaining high yields.

We are meticulous, consistent, determined and scientific about our methods and process.

Extensive Facility Inspections:

Daily we inspect our facility to ensure as close to sterile and sustainable environment as possible is created. This controlled environment ensures that we have: No Disease. No Heavy Metals. No Pest Infestations.

The Medcare Farms Canopy:

This is where the low stress plant training begins and where plants are nurtured, cultivated and meticulously manicured.

CO2 Implementation

Co2 is injected into the room to ensure maximum efficiency and growth.

UV Lights & Air Scrubbers

This state-of-the-art equipment ensures containment & a disease-free environment.

Slow Dried

Our slow drying process maximizes potency and the terps Aroma Aromatic plant. Dry Room specifically built to cure cannabis with Full Humidity & Temp Control to ensure the best cure.

Proprietary Watering System

Uniquely engineered from years of experience, advanced oxygen injection to root zone ensure optimal nutrient uptake leading to increased yields and higher quality. Temperature controlled water and optimal nutrient control ensures a consistent product every time.


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